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As you shop around for your new pond fountain, you will notice that there are many different options available. Unfortunately, this is one of those industries that you do indeed "get what you pay for". Therefore be cautious about purchasing low cost and much inferior products. At Living Water Aeration, we have made fountain selection easy for our customers. We have categorized our fountains into two groups:

Commercial - High grade fountains that are typically used in commercial applications such as: golf courses, subdivision developments, country clubs, etc...

  • These pond fountains are made out extremely high quality materials and have a much longer warranty compared to the residential fountains for ponds and lakes. 
  • The display on these fountains are usually much more detailed, due to the finer craftsmanship of the nozzles.
  • 5 year warranty on all commercial fountains!

Here is the brand of commercial grade pond fountains that we offer:

Otterbine Fountains - Otterbine has been in the pond management business a long time. They have 50 years of experience that go into every product they design!

Residential - Great fountains at an affordable price for residential pond owners! Add beautiful accent to any pond or backyard landscape.

  • One benefit of the residential fountains is that most of them come with multiple nozzles, so that you can change the display without having to purchase an additional nozzle.
  • 2 year warranty on all residential fountains!

Below are both brands of residential grade fountains that we offer:

Aqua Fountain - Aqua Fountain only offers 1/2 & 1 HP units, however in this price range their is simply nothing else that compares. 

Kasco - Another company that has been around for quite some time. 40 years in business and their fountains just keep getting better and better. Since we began carrying Kasco in 2004 they have continued to be one of our best sellers each year.

Enhance your water feature with a floating fountain from Living Water Aeration. Our great selection of  fountains and pond pumps add aesthetics to your outdoor water feature, while providing a valuable aeration service that keeps your pond clean, well-balanced and algae-free.

There are many uses for a floating fountain, but the most important one is the proper aeration of a pond or lake. Fountains splash the surface of the water and thereby limit the growth of algae and duckweed on the surface. Not only does this type of pond pump get the job done, but it looks great, too!
If you're looking for a truly unique and environmentally-friendly water feature, check out our fountains for water environments no larger than five acres.
Whichever style you choose, fountains for ponds always make a smart aeration choice, whether you have a fully stocked fish pond or just a farm pond that you are trying to keep healthy and free from algae. You'll find a great selection of fountains on our online store that work for a variety of modestly-sized water features. Shop online today and find a beautiful fountain to grace your pond and enjoy the soothing sound of falling water.
Not sure what pond supplies you need for maintenance? Give us a call! We're always happy to help you find the aeration solution that is right for you. Rest assured that we will only supply you with the highest quality equipment and we stand behind all of our products 100%. No need to continue searching numerous web stores, we can be your one stop solution for all your pond needs.

Accessories - When setting up a fountain there are many options available to provide both functionality and visual appeal. Pond fountains resting on high-density foam allows the fountain to be moved without much trouble and when lights are added can offer nighttime use and appeal. Most fountains will be equipped with filter to prevent clogging by leaves and other debris but rotating panes and rocking piston fountain kits can add life to the fountain. Fountains in larger ponds may also require additional cable to provide power and changeable color lenses for lights add to the display’s appeal.

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