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If you are in need of a basic understanding of pond aeration, we created the video below just for you. In this short video you will get a basic understanding of aeration and learn the difference between different types of aeration including diffused or sub-surface aeration and surface aeration.  
​We offer several different types of aerators for ponds. Here is a brief explanation of each style of aerator, which will hopefully help you to select just the right unit for your pond or lake:
diffused pond aeration system

Diffused Aeration Systems

The most popular type of aeration and the most effective for ponds that or 6' or deeper, runs on electricity and aerates from the bottom of your pond up. These systems are efficient at aerating small ponds and also make the most cost efficient and most effective large pond aerators as well. 

lake aerators

Deluxe Aeration Systems

Deluxe pond aeration systems are the same as the diffused aeration system, however they also include a locking customized cabinet and a cooling fan. The air compressor is already installed in the system and it already has a valve outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve and a gauge installed. Since the electrical outlet is mounted ready for the incoming power line, it is easy to set up, simply set near your power source, set up the air diffuser and then connect all the tubing and you're ready to go.
koi pond aerators

Garden Pond Aerators 

 This what we could small pond aerators or ornamental aerators. For very small ponds, such as ornamental, hobbyist or small koi fish ponds.
windmill aerators

Windmill Aeration Kits

Also a diffused type of aeration, however they require no electricity and run completely on wind power. Excellent choice for remote pond locations that have no access to a power source. Also these units will practically pay for themelves by saving your money on your monthly electric bill.
shallow pond aerator

Shallow Pond Aerators 

Shallow aerators are useful for shallow ponds that are less than 7' deep. These aerators are more energy efficient than aerators for deeper or bigger ponds or water features, with incredibly quiet operation. The aerators will provide you with years of efficient service with a long lasting, oil free design. All the parts are weather resistant so can be used outdoors, and the kit comes with everything you will need to set up your shallow aerator, including 50' weighted tubing. Deeper ponds, of more than 7' deep would need one of our airpro diffused aeration systems to service the entire pond.
pond aerator solar

Solar Powered Aerators 

These diffused aeration systems run on 100% solar power. These solar powered systems are amazing, they can actually run for 3 days with no sunlight. Don't be fooled by lower priced cheap solar aerators, these systems are the "real deal".
surface pond aerator

High Oxygen Surface Aerators 

The best way to aerate shallow ponds that are 5' deep or less. Moves an enormous amount of water quickly adding an abundance of oxygen to your pond. These units are always the best choice in shallow ponds.
kasco aerators

Kasco Aeration 

Kasco is a name that has been well known in the industry for decades. We are happy to offer their complete line of aeration products. They put out quality products for both surface and diffused aeration.

Keep your pond or lake healthy and clean with an aeration system from Living Water Aeration. We have a variety of styles to choose from including garden varieties, windmill aeration kits, solar powered aeration systems, diffused aeration, high-oxygen surface aerators and quiet-line styles.
The exact size and style you need will depend on your particular setup, but there are some aquatic, eco-friendly options that work well for most water features including a windmill aerator, as well as solar aerators. Windmill pond and lake aerators use the wind to operate while solar styles use the energy of the sun to generate power. Both of these options save valuable energy while relying on nature's resources to get the job done.

When it comes to pond aeration, windmill and solar types are popular choices, but a simple garden pond aerator and quiet-line style works best for small water features such as Koi ponds.
Not sure what style you need? We can help! Give us a call and let us help you find the aeration system that is best for you. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and are happy to share our knowledge about pond products!
Aeration isn't just our business, it's our passion. There is nothing more beautiful than a peaceful pond or crystal clear lake with a fountain adorning its waters. If your water feature hasn't been looking its best, shop our great selection of aeration products and take the time to beautify your pond.
Ask us about our free proposals on custom pond and lake aeration systems!

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17 Questions & 17 Answers
from Alliance, Ohio 44601 asked:
October 6, 2017
I have a 1/3 acre rain fed pond and am using a bottom diffuser for aeration and would like to place surface aerator on the pond to help with the film algae that I get periodically through the year. If I place the surface unit near (but not above) the bottom diffuser can I keep this unit running 24/7 throughout the winter months.
1 Answers
It is not recommended to run the surface aerators in freezing pond. It sounds like it could work but to tell you that I think it would for sure it is just speculation. I think the problem would be that if it did not work it might be difficult and even dangerous to pull the surface aerator out after the pond has frozen over.
Customer Service
on October 22, 2017

from COSHOCTON OHIO asked:
August 29, 2017
I have a pond 100 ft. by 100 ft. 1/2 at 4ft. depth and 1/2 at 8 ft. depth. The pond is 300 ft. from house where I wold like to put the air pump. what would you recommend?
1 Answers
I would recommend this unit: - Airpro Rocking Piston 1/4 HP - PA34W Or if you need an enclosure get the deluxe version of that: - Airpro Deluxe Rocking Piston 1/4 HP PA34D Also to go the 300' you may want to consider a 300' run of poly tubing:
Customer Service
on October 24, 2017

from Burr Ridge, Illinois asked:
August 24, 2017
I live on an 8 1/2 acre lake covered in algae most of the time. Our goal is to stop the growth. We are considering solar and have been advised to use the unit with weighted tubing in various lengths. I am told the unit that stays on land. If it comes in solar, I need a price. How manShay units would we need? One of our residents has suggested a boom to coral the algae in a part of the lake and then treat it. How many units do you think we would need and what would the cost be? Please advise. Thank you!
1 Answers
I would recommend 2 of the following units for an 8 acre pond: The system above has a battery back up and can run up to 3 days once the batteries are fully charged with no sunlight. Below is an alternate recommendation but these units are direct drive, meaning they have no batteries and operate directly on the sunlight. Therefore at night you the units will not operate. For 8 acres you would need 2 of these: In addition you would also need 1 of these:
Customer Service
on October 24, 2017

from Dallas, Ga. asked:
August 24, 2017
What aeration system would be needed for a 17 acre pond, deepest point 24 ft.? Pond is used for fishing with bass, crappy, brim and catfish. Located in Georgia. Also what would be the cost?
1 Answers
At minimum you would need 3 of these units for 24 acres:
Customer Service
on October 24, 2017

from Guerra, TX asked:
August 8, 2017
I have a 1 acre pond in deep south Texas that is 6 feet deep at the center. We have a solar unit at the pond for lights, etc. What product addresses our need?
1 Answers
You could go with a diffused aeration system, but because of your depth I would recommend at the very least a 2 diffuser system, here is a link: Also since you max depth is 6 feet we consider that a shallow pond, you could use a surface aerator. The rule of thumb for surface aerators is 1 HP per acre.
Customer Service
on August 8, 2017

Janet Payne
from Fairdealing, MO asked:
July 25, 2017
The pond on our property has "turned over" twice this year during extreme temperature changes early this summer. The first time it did it, it killed what catfish we had left in the pond at the time. It cleared up in a couple of days later but about two weeks ago we had another extreme temperature change during a twenty-four hour period and it turned again , this time , however, it hasn't righted itself. It is still murky looking and brownish. Lots of turtles in it too but the geese we had stopping by have quit getting in it and have gone on the the neighboring ponds with their young. What is the best way to fix this problem ?? Short of draining the pond ?? It is a really pretty pond usually.
1 Answers
If you had diffused aeration in the pond the likelihood that your pond would turn over would be almost down to zero. If you were to start over and restock the pond I would make sure you have aeration in there first. There are many factors that play into a pond turning over but you should do a google search for stratification in ponds to learn more as to what could have happened. A lot of times people report their pond turning usually during the hottest part of the year after a hard rain when the hot water on the surface of the pond is suddenly pushed down by the rain and mixed with the cold water on the bottom of the pond. If you have a diffused aerator in the pond it would constantly be turning over and mixing the water essentially destratifying the pond.
Customer Service
on August 8, 2017

from eastern kansas asked:
July 14, 2017
we have a 40ac lake what type of aeration is best for my use, without buying 10 units.
1 Answers
We would need more information such as depth. Also we would need to look at your property on Google Earth, determine where power sources will be located and measure the tubing lengths needed. I would estimate a system for 40 acres to cost a minimum of $15,000 but it could be more. It is usually not feasible cost wise to aerate that much water but I have seen it done before.
Customer Service
on August 8, 2017

from Hiwassee, Va 24347 asked:
June 22, 2017
We have a man made ornamental pond with fish and lillies, here in southwestern Virginia. Approx depth is 4 ft, and it is right at 20,000 gallons. We have issues with algae and muck. What aeration system would you recommend?
1 Answers
Customer Service
on June 23, 2017

from Dublin, GA asked:
June 16, 2017
I have a six acre pond and would like to use a fountain aerator for aesthetic and aeration but I'm concerned that want be enough for the size of the pond. can you recommend a combination of aerators? The pond is kidney shape and max depth is 12 feet.
1 Answers
Yes it is common to have a fountain and a diffuser aerator in a pond together. I would recommend the following for 6 acres: Diffused Aerator Pond Fountain - This is a 2 HP but if you want a taller and wider spray you can get a 5 HP.
Customer Service
on August 8, 2017

from St. Louis Missouri asked:
June 10, 2017
I am digging a pond about 2 1/2 acres of surface area and 30 feet deep. Was wondering when I should add the aeration system to it? As soon as it fills up or wait a couple years? Am located in the St. Louis Missouri area.
1 Answers
We recommend aerating immediately to save you from water quality issues down the road as well as overgrowth of algae and weeds to do excess nutrients in the water. It is better to aerate the water from the very beginning.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

from Southeastern, Indiana asked:
June 9, 2017
I have a windmill aerator that has fallen over in a storm and been damaged, Can I get parts to repair the face ??
1 Answers
Yes give us a call and we will see if we can help you with the parts. That should not be a problem.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

Wild Bill
from Central Virginia asked:
May 31, 2017
We are toying with the idea of starting a shrimp farm, 1/2 acre shallow (3 ft) ponds, starting with 4 ponds. No power close, but lots of sun, any ideas?
1 Answers
We have both solar and wind powered units, however I would recommend digging the ponds a little deeper, at least in the area where you will place your diffuser because they work much better in depths of 5 feet or deeper.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

Kenneth Kehoe
from Lacombe, LA asked:
May 11, 2017
My pond in Lacombe, Louisiana is circular about 50 to 60 feet across. It slopes to about 6 feet deep in the center. There are turtles and fish in it and the population appears to be healthy. Pine and Oak trees cause a surface film. Otherwise it is pretty clear. Primarily I would like an aerator to break up the film. Any bubbling effect would be a secondary wish. Recommendations?
1 Answers
This unit would be perfect for your pond to have the effect you are desiring:
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

Caroline Cranfield
from Minnesota asked:
May 8, 2017
We are looking to instal an aeration/fountain system to not only add oxygen and decrease the need for additives for algae, but to add ascetics to the neighborhood. Lights are definitely required. He is our issue on choosing which system would be best. Our pond currently has different elevations. We walked the pond to measure the depth and it went from about 2-3 feet around the edge to possibly 6-8 ft in what we would call the center. The pond is probably close to 15 yards across. Would a 1/2 hp aerator be enough, and which one would you suggest. Also can we leave the system in place over the winter, just turning off the electrical supply?
1 Answers
A 1/2 HP is all that you would need for a pond of that size and they can operate in depths of 18 inches or more. I see that you are in Minnesota and the ponds freeze over for the winter, in that case you will want to remove the fountains for the winter. In the case of those who are in the south where the ponds do not freeze they can remain in the pond year round.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

Gary Goodyear
from Keller, asked:
March 21, 2017
I have a 1/3 acre pond in the DFW area of Texas with a depth of 12 feet. What would be a good system with a fountain and aeration for catfish to prosper.
1 Answers
For a 1/3 acre pond with that depth we would definitely recommend our 1 acre diffused system. A fountain will typically only aerate 5 feet deep or less so in a pond that is 6 feet or deeper you will always want to go with a sub surface diffused aeration system to aerate adequately. Here are a couple of links to both of our 1 acre systems the first one is with a cabinet and the second link is without a cabinet (if you have some means of protection or want to build your own then you can opt for the one without the cabinet):
Customer Service
on March 24, 2017

Sue pentelow
from Adelaide australia asked:
January 10, 2017
I have a a fish pond 1 metre deep and roughly 3 metre X 3 metres that has fish and water lilies . The fish are gasping a little at this time of the year so I think the pond needs aerating. What would you suggest. Is solar an option. Thankyou Sue
1 Answers
I apologize but we do not have solar options for ponds that small. Also, unfortunately, we do not ship to Australia.
Customer Service
on January 17, 2017

Al Murner
from Atlanta, GA asked:
December 13, 2016
I have a 2-1/2 acre pond near Heflin, Alabama that was once an iron ore quarry. The depth varies with several pockets close to 75 ft deep. I'm currently managing the pond for bass with good results but have experienced a longer than normal period of low DO after the pond turned over this year. I'm looking at adding an aeration system but do not want to aerate the entire depth of the lake which would make fishing impossible. My question is, if I suspend an aerator at 10ft below the surface, will it aerate the entire depth of the lake or only the area at and above the diffuser? Any insight would be appreciated.
1 Answers
We have diffused systems that can operate at depths up to 50'. I would try to get the diffusers as deep as possible if you have 75' of depth. You should definitely see a change in your dissolved oxygen readings. For the most part only the area above the diffuser will be circulated but each diffuser can cover a large diameter. I definitely think adding one of our systems will prevent future fish kills even at your depths. I think the key would be to make sure you can aerate as deep as possible. This is the unit I would recommend for a 2.5 acre pond with your depths:
Customer Service
on December 19, 2016


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