AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 1 Acre

AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 1 Acre
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  • Complete Aeration System: When there isn't enough oxygen circulating in your pond's water, it can lead to foul odors, algae growth, mosquitoes, and even fish kill. Our aerator pump quickly boosts oxygen levels and can even be used as a de-icer in the wintertime!
  • Incredibly Powerful: The AirPro water aerator brings results you won't find anywhere else! Able to aerate ponds up to 1 acre, the super-strength rocking piston compressor operates up to 50' deep while the motor draws 1.7 amps and pumps 2.3 CFM of air.
  • Completely Safe: Although it's able to deliver efficient results, our affordable pond air pump maintains total safety. The system operates without running electricity through the water, so there's no threat to wildlife or to your family during water recreation activities!
  • Superior Quality: Made of durable, long-lasting materials, you'll be able to rely on our pond aerators through virtually any season and weather condition! Your order includes a 1/4 HP compressor, 100', 3/8'' weighted tubing, and a single head membrane diffuser.
  • Unbeatable Warranty: When you purchase from Living Water, you can shop risk-free! Our compressor comes with a 2-year warranty, while the tubing and diffuser come with a 5-year warranty. Our customer service team is standing by to handle your questions.

The Simple Solution for Pond Aeration!

If your pond is prone to algae growth or if you have experienced a fish kill, chances are there's insufficient oxygen circulation in the water. Hot, cloudy weather and waste decomposition are just two of the many factors that can lead to these serious problems.

To make maintaining your pond easy, Living Water Aeration introduces the AirPro Pond Aerator Kit! This complete system efficiently pumps air into your pond, eliminating numerous issues like foul odors, mosquito hatches, and bottom muck. Over time, it helps improve fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitats for a clean, healthy environment!

The secret to our kit's success is in the whopping power it provides! It aerates ponds up to 1 acre in size, operates up to 50' deep, and draws 1.7 amps and pumps 2.3 CFM of air. Despite these powerful components, the system doesn't run electricity through the water and features GFI protection on all circuits, so the pond remains safe for humans and wildlife alike!

At Living Water Aeration, we bring high quality manufacturing together with affordable prices! Our system includes a durable 1/4 HP compressor, 100', 3/8'' weighted tubing, and a single head membrane diffuser for a system you can depend on.

Why Choose Our Aeration Kit?

  • Minimizes odor and fish kill
  • Reduce nutrient levels associated with algae growth
  • Oxidize / reduce organic bottom muck
  • Improve fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitat
  • Increased oxygen levels throughout water column
  • Safe entry - no electricity in the water
  • Aerates ponds up to 1 acre
  • Water remains safe for humans
  • Made of durable materials
  • Warranty included

Try It Today Risk Free with Our Unbeatable Warranties!

*Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Order Your System Now and Keep Your Pond Clear!

Additional Options:

There are several options for this kit as you can see above the add to cart button. We have an option for additional air tubing if needed, also this system can be equipped with a second diffuser. If you do opt for the additional diffuser keep in mind that a valve manifold is needed to regulate the air flow to each diffuser. Also if you are interested in a weatherproof housing for the compressor please see the deluxe version of this system.

Max Depth Max Pond Size
5-8 feet     1/4 acre
8-12 feet  1/2 acre
12-18 feet   1 acres
18-20 feet   1.5  acres

PDF Files:

Pond Aeration System Instruction Booklet

Product Reviews

By Happy Camper
Amazing Product
March 16, 2017
Ran over 250 feet of 3/8 tubing to the diffuser and it works great....awesome product would give 10 stars if I could.

Questions & Answers

3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Sioux Falls asked:
January 27, 2017
How easy is it to move the Air ports around to other areas in the same pond? To help with water movement in different locations?
It would actually be quite easy to do this. I would recommend tying a rope around the base of the diffuser and at the other end you can tie a duck decoy or milk jug, just so long as it is something that floats and something you can see on the surface and grab from a boat. Just be sure that you tie a rope and do not try to pull the diffuser up by the airline as this can break the barb fitting and you can potentially lose the diffuser.
Customer Service
on February 20, 2017

Johnnie moore
from Houston,Texas asked:
November 12, 2016
I have a fountain that I need a filltration system. Is this unite ok for that.
It depends what you mean by filtration system. One of the key things that diffused aeration will provide for you is to reduce the excess nutrients in the pond and also help reduce sludge on the bottom. Both of these benefits will help keep your pond cleaner and looking great, with no bad smells and will help reduce algae, weeds and will keep your pond from getting too green. So in that sense yes, you will have a lot less bad stuff in the pond including excess nutrients, sludge, algae, weeds etc... However it does not filter the pond per se like a traditional pond filter would do on a garden pond or koi pond.
Customer Service
on November 14, 2016

from Princeton, NJ asked:
November 8, 2016
Does this come with a warranty?
Yes. This comes with a 2 year warranty on the compressor, a 5 year warranty on the airline and a 5 year warranty on the diffuser.
Customer Service
on November 8, 2016


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