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Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator - 2 acres

Item #: LWSB-2B
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Our Price:$6,595.00
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  • Every Solaer system includes all of the same equipment our standard aeration systems do, AND they also include the following solar equipment:
    •      (1) 250 watt Solar Panel
    •      200' of Alpine Self Weighted Tubing
    •      (2) Duraplate Self-Cleaning, Non-Clogging, Membrane Diffusers
    •      Deep Cycle Gel Cell Solar Batteries
    •      Brushless DC Compressor
    •      Wiring Harness
    •      Prostar Charge Control Center
    •      12/24 Volt Smart Box Converter
    •      Attractive 100% Recycled Plastic Cabinet
    •      Sound Reduction Package w/ ASTM sound reduction foam
    •      Industrial high flow cooling blower
    •      Brass regulator valves
    •      Check Valves
    •      Programmable Digital Timer
    •      Fully-Adjustable Manifold with Safety Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge
    •      Complete Fittings Package
    •      Installation/Maintenance Manual
    •      2 YEAR WARRANTY

    Benefits of Battery Backup Solar Aeration:
    • Improve Water Quality
    • Enhance Water Clarity
    • Improve Dissolved Oxygen
    • Increase Fish & Aquatic Life
    • Remove Bottom Sludge
    • Decrease Offensive Odors
    • Solar Powered
    • Standard Systems for Ponds Up to 5 Acres
    • Battery Backup

    Note: Customer must furnish a schedule 40 steel pipe for mounting the solar panel(s).

    Our Solar Powered Aeration System is a one-of-a-kind aeration system that was developed for clients who asked for alternatives to standard aeration. Solar powered systems are great for both remote installations and environmentally conscience applications. They are for aquatic environments ranging in size from small ornamental ponds to lakes up to 5 acres. (For lakes larger than 5 acres please call us for a custom system quote.)

    These fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating conditions. The battery backup system allows them to run like normal under less-than-optimal conditions. Built for both hot and cold climates, no climate is too harsh for this solar powered aeration systems.

    Why spend your hard earned money on utility costs for running your aeration system when you can have a system that will run for years with no additional costs?

    Our Solar powered systems pay for themselves with time, resulting in an unbelievable cost savings over electric-powered aeration systems. Plus, unlike electric-powered systems, you won't have to worry about power outages reeking havoc on your aquatic habitat.

    The battery back-up enables the system to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. Solaer™ is designed to operate 20 hours per day and has enough battery capacity to run the system up to three days without any solar input. Solaer™ systems include solar panels with pole mounting bracket, a specially designed, energy efficient compressor, a high volume cooling fan, a fully adjustable aluminum manifold, Duraplate™ diffusers and self-weighted Alpine™ tubing.

    The Cabinet
    • Attractive, 100% recycled plastic cabinet
    • 20”W x 24”L x 27” T
    • 37cfm cooling blower
    • Two – 2 Valve Adjustable Manifolds
    • Programmable Digital Timer
    • Sound reduction package
    • 1” ASTM certified Acoustical Foam
    • Charge Control System
    • Dual EcoFlow 24V Compressors
    • 24 V High Efficiency Solar Panel
    • The Tubing

    • 1/2” I.D. with 1/4” sidewalls
    • Fishhook resistant
    • Will not kink or break
    • Available in 100’ and 500’ lengths
    • 15 year warranty
    • The Diffuser

    • Non-clogging
    • Self-weighted
    • Fishhook resistant
    • High Oxygen transfer
    • Lifetime warranty

  • 3 Questions & 3 Answers
    from Earlysville, VA asked:
    June 8, 2018
    Does this aerator help control duck weed?
    1 Answer
    Aeration can help with duckweed. The aerator will help eradicate the excess nutrients in the pond that cause duck weed to flourish. The nutrients in the pond act as a food source and even as a fertilizer for weeds so the idea is get rid of that food source with aeration establish a healthy eco system and you should not have an overgrowth of weeds or algae in the future.
    Daniel Crackower
    on June 19, 2018

    from La Barque Creek, MO. asked:
    June 24, 2017
    Can this solar powered unit be fitted with a fountain head?
    1 Answer
    No this is only for diffused style aeration, you can not convert it into a fountain.
    Customer Service
    on June 26, 2017

    Geoff Radler
    from WV asked:
    April 18, 2017
    How many diffusers come with the one acre system?
    1 Answer
    The 1 acre system comes with 1 diffuser The 2 acre system comes with 2 diffusers
    Customer Service
    on April 24, 2017