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Weed Razr PRO

Item #: WRZP10
OUR PRICE: $280.00

Weed Razr PRO

Introducing the Weed Razer Pro similar to the original weed cutter but is now fully adjustable. Additionally, it can cut an area 25 percent larger than the original Weed Razer with each throw.

Its razor-sharp blades have seven cutting widths that range from 30 to 62 inches. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool to cut all kinds of aquatic vegetation such as lily pads, cattails, and pond weeds.

The Weed Razer Pro is simple to use just throw it out into the water. It's lightweight at only 9lbs so it can be tossed 30 feet. Once it has reached its destination just let it sink to the bottom and then begin to pull the unit with the rope that is included. You just need to keep repeating this process to clear the unwanted aquatic vegetation. It's equally effective in deep or shallow water.

It is also a great alternative to using chemicals offering an environmentally friendly way to clear weeds and other vegetation from the water.

After using the Weed Razer Pro can be folded down so it is compact enough for easy storage.

Be sure to read all the instructions and safety requirements in the Weed Razer Pro instruction manual. Failing to comply may result in severe lacerations, dismemberment or in the worse case death!

The Weed Razer Pro includes;

  • 25 ft of rope
  • Weed Deflectors
  • Blade Sharpener
  • Lockdown Blade Covers 
  • Instructions