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Tubular Membrane Diffuser

Tubular Membrane Diffuser

Item #: TMD24
OUR PRICE: $75.00

Secret To Pond Excellence

  • Tubular membrane diffusers are 24 inches long, 2-1/2 inch in diameter and have 8400 bubble producing slots.
  • Rated for up to 7 CFM
  • The unique open ended design allows the diffuser to be self weighted
  • Built in check valve
  • Incredibly durable – will provide years of service
  • ¾ inch stainless steel male threaded connection

In the past, it was believed that diffusers were only a requirement for larger ponds with a lot of fish. It is true that the bigger the pond, the more important it is to have a diffuser, but it’s not only about the fish. Why? The fish require oxygen to stay alive, that’s true, but if you ignore the fact that your pond needs to be aerated, you will soon see and smell the effects. All the leaves, dead fish, and all the other waste won’t decompose unless you provide proper aeration. The Tubular Membrane Diffuser will last you for years, and you’ll start noticing the effects soon. If there is a bad smell, or if the water seems dirty, then this diffuser will fix the problem. Remember that without air, all the waste in your pond won’t decompose - it’s better to take care of that before it becomes a serious problem.