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Koi Pond kit (max. 3500 Gallons)

Koi Pond kit (max. 3500 Gallons)

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Product Description

Koi Pond Kits

We sell a wide variety of products geared toward koi ponds. Often these systems become quite elaborate and usually each kit is custom-designed to meet the desired look of that feature. Following are a couple of pond kits designed for small to medium size koi features. Since every koi pond is uniquely shaped, these kits include everything you need except for pond liner or underlayment — those can be ordered separately.

Kits Include:

  • Bead filter
  • External pump skimmer(s)
  • External pump
  • Bottom drain (EBD4N)
  • UV clarifier
  • Eco-Series waterfall spillway
  • All plumbing and flex pipe

Koi Fish Pond FAQ's

Here are some of the questions and answers that are often asked about our pond kits and more.

What products do I need to create my pond?

All the items listed in the pond kit above are included;

Bead Filter - offers biological and mechanical filtration for a water garden or pond.

Skimmer - is designed to catch debris from the pond surface and bottom drain before going into your external pump and filtration system.

External Pump - an external pump sits outside the water this makes it easier to maintain and more convenient to get to than a submersible pump.

Bottom Drain - a bottom drain will help keep your pond cleaner. All the muck that accumulates on the bottom of the pond is easily removed using a bottom drain.

UV Clarifier - this product helps keep your pond water clear by using concentrated UV light to prevent the build-up of algae.

Eco-Series waterfall spillway - this is an easy and very fast way to create professional-looking waterfalls. A pond waterfall always makes a nice water feature in a pond.

Plumbing and flex pipe - all the piping needed.

Not included is pond liner but you can also purchase this from us a separate item.

What dimensions should a koi pond size be?

Recommendations, if you are keeping koi, is a minimum of 1000 gallons volume, the pond should be 3 feet deep but ideally 4 to 5 feet. This is the for the smallest pond size and would be big enough for around 5 koi. You can use our pond calculator at the top of the page to help you calculate.

Are koi fish ponds easy to maintain?

Koi are beautiful fish and there is no doubt about that but they do take some maintaining and with the help of our ecosystem pond kit and all its components such as the pond pump, filter and pond skimmer life should be made easier.

A few tips for maintaining your pond are:

  • Ensure you regularly scoop out any debris from the pond, this would be twigs and leaves or fish waste that hasn't been eaten, this will help stop the decaying organic matter unbalancing the ecosystem of the pond.
  • On a weekly basis carry out a water change of around 10 per cent. You will need to drain some of the water from the pond and then top it up with tap water that's dechlorinated.
  • Regularly clean out the pond filter and skimmer

Can I switch the pump off at night-time?

No, you need to keep it running 24 hours a day. If you don't you will ruin the ecosystem of your pond which could result in your fish getting ill or dying. Turning it off at night is incidentally the worst time as this when plants will take oxygen from the water.

Above ground ponds vs sunken for my fish pond?

Koi can be kept in both a raised pond or a sunken one. It really comes down to personal tastes. An above ground pond is easier to maintain and look after. Also if you have a raised garden pond you don't have so far to lean down to see your fish!

Does the pond size impact the Koi's growth?

Yes it will you will need a large enough and deep enough pond for your koi to grow properly there are also a number of other factors to take into account such as the health, water quality, diet and genetics that will determine the size of your koi.

Can Koi and goldfish share the same pond?

Yes, they are fine living together as they are both deemed docile fish species. They are omnivorous so will not eat smaller fish.

Are Koi safe in a pond in the wintertime?

They should be fine but there is some maintenance that needs carrying out. If the koi pond freezes over a hole should be made and kept open at the surface of the pond this will allow carbon dioxide to escape and oxygen to enter the pond.

How can I protect my pond from predators?

If you have birds such as heron or other predators trying to steal from your koi pond then you will need to cover the pond with a net.

Should a koi pond be located in the shade?

The pond should definitely have some shade, it shouldn't be in direct sunlight, if it's going to be difficult to achieve this then you will need floating plants or some other way fo providing your fish with shade.

Koi pond and water garden what's the difference?

There certainly is a difference and the problem is that many people see them as the same. A water garden is focused on water plants and is generally less deep than a koi pond. It will also usually have rocks at the bottom which you won't want in your fish pond.

How long does it take for a koi to reach its full size?

They usually grow at a rate of about 4 to 6 inches a year for the first two years and then they slow down they stop growing at somewhere between 10 to 12 years.

Usually, It takes three years for a koi fish to grow to full size. But some koi fish can take ten years to reach its final growth stage.