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Kasco Premium JF Series Fountain

Kasco Premium JF Series Fountain

Item #: 820215K
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Kasco Palm Premium JF Series Fountain

Kasco's range of  Premium Nozzles adds even more amazing and beautiful patterns to their JF series decorative fountains. Usually, you have to purchase the ‘palm’ premium nozzle as a separate item but we have bundled it with the JF fountain series to increase your enjoyment even further. 

The palm premium nozzle is very simple to install and change it fits on to the fountain easily and is held in place with a set of three screws.

The pam premium nozzles pattern ranges in height and width depending on the HP of the fountain.

2 HP is 13 feet in height x 25 feet in width.

3 HP is 15 feet in height x 28 feet in width.

5 HP is 18 feet in height x 30 feet in width.

7.5 HP is 20 feet in height x 34 feet in width.

We also sell the JF Series Fountains as standard with the Kasco traditional display patterns. If you wish to view these fountains just click on this link here -  Kasco JF Series Decorative Fountains.

This decorative fountain includes the ‘Palm’ premium Kasco nozzle in addition to the standard set of 5 interchangeable nozzles. No tools are needed to change the nozzles and it only takes minutes to give your fountain a brand new appearance.