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Kasco Mahogany, Premium JF Series Fountain

Kasco Mahogany, Premium JF Series Fountain

Item #: 820213K
OUR PRICE: $3,995.00
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Kasco Mahogany, Premium JF Series Fountain

These classic Kasco fountains come with premium nozzles in addition to their standard 5 nozzle package. This is a great deal, considering that these Premium Mahogany Nozzles are usually sold separately at a hefty price. You get an amazing deal with this fountain, not only because of the choices of nozzles, different heights and widths or spray patterns but also because of this product’s durability. The Kasco Mahogany is built to last, with stainless steel housing and cage that can withstand the changing of the seasons, temperature and even be operated in both saltwater and freshwater.

This fountain is easily installed by any landscaping amateur or weekend warrior. It has sturdy floaters and mooring lines that keep it in place. No need for complicated tools. It has some very important safety additions as well. Inside the weatherproof housing, you’ll find GFI protection and lightning arrestor - a very important feature considering that electricity is attracted to water, and a lightning strike might damage your fountain. The control panel also includes a timer and a transformer for a light kit (sold separately).

What’s included:

  • Motor 
  • Float
  • Premium Fountain Nozzle
  • 5 nozzle kit 
  • Mooring lines

The lighting kit for the Kasco Mahogany Premium JF Series Fountain is sold separately here.