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Kasco Madrone, Premium JF Series Fountain

Kasco Madrone, Premium JF Series Fountain

Item #: 820216K
OUR PRICE: $3,995.00
Motor Size:

Kasco Madrone, Premium JF Series Fountain

This is a great fountain if you want a lot of choices and easy installation. This fountain is in fact, a 5-in-1, with 5 different nozzles that you can interchange, depending on your mood, the weather, or the season. This is one of the most effective and beautiful landscape fountains out on the market right now, not to mention the easiest to install.

The motor is designed for continuous action - it’s sturdy and built for tough use in both fresh and saltwater. The shaft and motor housing are made of stainless steel, and the floats have an ultra-tough shell for lasting through the seasons. The fountain is very easy to install and we recommend it even for those who don’t do DIY projects very often. This unit also features a stainless steel safety cage.

The Premium JF Series Fountain also comes with additional features like the control panel with a timer, a lightning arrestor (an important safety feature) and GFI protection. It is set up for light kit plug-in (sold separately).

This fountain is a great addition to apartment complexes, parks, hotels, golf courses, or private ponds and small lakes.

What’s included:

  • Motor
  • Float
  • Fountain nozzles
  • Mooring lines

The light kit for this fountain can be bought separately.