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Kasco 3 LED Light Fountain Lighting Kit - Living Water Aeration

LED - 3 Light Kit (Light Kit Only) Kasco 3 LED Light Fountain Lighting Kit

Item #: LED3C11100
OUR PRICE: $1,019.00

A Touch Of Elegance

  • A "warm" light from an LED that makes a natural glow.
  • Quality materials are non- corrosive and salt-water ready
  • Compact fixture installs on Kasco's full line (1/2-7.5 HP) of fountains
  • Available in sets of 3 or 6 light fixtures
  • Each fixture includes a waterproof connector, allowing for individual replacement of fixtures in the field.
  • Includes 6 color choices (white, blue, amber,red, green, pink)
  •  Less Expensive Price and Lower Cost of Operation
  • Kasco's LED lights offer the best value and are less expensive than comparable halogen and other LED alternatives on the market.
  • Efficient operation at only 11 watts of power consumption per fixture.


Long Life & Reduced Maintenance

  •  Permanently sealed fixtures with bulb life of 50,000 hours.
  • Less heat produced reduces cleaning of lenses from mineral and film deposits.
  • No bulb expense, no gaskets, and no labor involved in yearly bulb replacement.

This is a standard 3 fixture kit with bracketing to fit the floats. Ideal for 1HP and smaller fountains, the 3 fixture kit will illuminate the patterns on any of these models. In darker areas with less light pollution, these do light the 2HP units, but for a more dramatic display, see the 6 LED Light Kit. Both the 3 and 6 LED come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. FOUNTAIN AND LIGHT KIT ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.


Benefits of using LED fountain lights

LED lighting is commonly used, and that's not without reason:

  • LED fountain lights offer brighter light
  • The lifespan of LED fountain lights is much longer than of any other type
  • LED lights are very energy-efficient

Although LED lights will add some light to your garden, apart from the aesthetic value there are more benefits to installing LED fountain lights in your garden.

  • The studies have shown that thieves are less likely to target homes if they are well-lit. It's not a surprising effect - even when street lights in their less powerful form first appeared, the crime rates have dropped down. It means that if you ensure that there is enough light in your garden, you won't have to worry as much about your property. Apart from LED fountain lights, you could also install additional lights in your garden so that there wouldn't be any dark spots. You can even go one step further and install motion sensor lights so that you would know if there is someone coming closer to your house.
  • Apart from increasing the security of your property, if you install led fountain lights, you will also improve the safety of your garden. If you, or members of your household enjoy walking around the garden during nighttime, you are certainly aware that it might often be surprisingly dangerous. You might think that you know every single stone in your garden, but it is not difficult to lose balance and fall. If there is not enough light, you might not notice slippery surfaces, and the result could be tragic. There's a simple solution to this problem - just install LEDs in your garden so that you will always see what is in front of you. Because of that, you might save a lot of money on medical procedures.
  • If you put time and effort into decorating your garden, adding light will make it possible for you to admire the sight even when it's dark outside. Security and safety are important, but turning your garden into a place full of magic shouldn't be something that you could ignore either. Remember, that when it comes to your garden, it isn't always the case that the more light the better. Perhaps you could be more subtle, and create a magical, yet mysterious atmosphere?


Add some magic to your backyard

Apart from the previously mentioned benefits, LED fountain lights can transform your fountain, making it look like it came from a Disney movie. If you and your friends enjoy spending time in your garden, LED fountain lights can make your fountain look even more beautiful at night than in the day. If you live in a region where there isn't much sunlight throughout the year, the LED fountain could provide the much needed light. If you have any questions regarding our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!


Benefits of water aeration

We also encourage you to check other products on our website. Apart from ensuring that there is enough light in your garden, you can also find products, such as aerators and air pumps that can help you increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Water aeration is our specialty, and it has numerous benefits for your pond:

  • If you are living with the overgrowth of weeds or algae in the pond, it might be caused by a lack of water circulation and poor water aeration. How is that connected? Without proper dissolved oxygen levels in the water, the organisms that live underwater won't increase their numbers. It means that there will be plenty of nutrients for algae and weeds to grow. If you ensure that there is more than 3 ppm (particles per million) of oxygen in the water, the fish will have a healthier ecosystem to multiply in, and as a result, you won't have to deal with algae overgrowth. Alternative methods of dealing with weeds include planting grasses on the waterways leading to the ponds that will consume some of the nutrients that would otherwise be consumed by algae. Apart from that, we also offer pond rakes that can be used to deal with the weeds.
  • If your pond smells like a rotten egg, it might be caused by poor water aeration. The organic waste, like fish and bird poop and leaves gathers on the bottom of the pond. If there is enough oxygen in the lower levels of ponds and lakes then there isn't any problem. With time, bacteria break down the organic waste, and the gases that are produced in the process of decomposition leave the pond. Unfortunately, if there is no oxygen at the bottom, which often happens in the case of deeper lakes and ponds, the organic waste will eventually be broken down, but you might notice a foul odor. If you install air pumps or aerators in your pond so that levels of dissolved in the water are significantly higher, you won't have to deal with any unpleasant odors.
  • If you want to avoid fish kills, you should ensure that the water in the pond or a lake is moving. Why is it important? It's not that fish simply die in stagnant water. There is more dissolved oxygen in colder than in warmer water. It can be a problem during summer months, when the temperature of the water increases. If there is good water circulation, the colder and warmer water will mix, and as a result, the living conditions for fish will be much more acceptable.
  • Another reason to aerate the pond is to increase the population of fish and other water-dwelling animals. Normally, there would be a limited amount of dissolved in the water. If the situation would allow it, various species might multiply, but only if there is a chance that they might survive. It means that when it comes to the oxygen in the water, there is a certain limit on the number of fish that can live without facing any health conditions. It is understandable that you might want to have a larger population of fish in the pond. There's a simple solution - just provide additional aeration to the water. Phytoplankton and bacteria will naturally add oxygen to the water, but you can significantly boost this process. This way, you'll create a perfect underwater ecosystem for fish and other living organisms to thrive in.
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Pond lights

Very pretty, easy to install

William J.
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Light Kit Makes the Fountain a Showcase

The light kit was an easy installation, and makes a beautiful scene on the pond. Ph

Diana R.

Car Stopper

It's like a piece of art. Cars slow down day and night to watch. Neighbors say they love the sound of the water. Great addition to my home!!! Love.Love.Love!