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1 HP Kasco Pond Deicer

1 HP Kasco Pond Deicer

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Product Description

Prevent costly ice damage due to dock jacking of lifting, ice expansion, and winter-kill conditions. With several sizes, models, and mounting options to choose from.

Kasco deicers prevents the formation of  ice surrounding docks and boats. These units are always used in marinas, waterfront developments and recreational ponds to stay away from expensive ice damage. Deicers come in complete package wiith power cord and 2 pieces of 20' suspension ropes.

Time and temperature control – you can actually save money in reduced electrical usage with Kasco deicers! The controllerbeing used (C20), is designed exclusively for Kasco and it will only work when the timer and thermostat are both on unlike regular ones that runs the motor every day ina specific time. This controller will only start working every time the temperature requires it! A temperature only controller (C10) is another option that is available and it operates motor every time freezing conditions exist.

Kasco deicers can also be used with the optional floatation kits (KFK) and create horizontal circulation. These circulators are susually used for deicing applications. However, it  has also have proven to be as an effective too during summer time to avoid stagnant water.

These circulators are an affordable option  to improve water quality. A 1/2 HP circulator can circulate water in a one acre pond twelve which is feet deep. Circulators are usually the ideal choice to be used in shallow bodies of water because diffused air systems do not usually workin these situations.

25' power cords standard on 115v deicers and circulators, 230v units have 50' cord. Subtract the cost of the existing cord from the longer cord cost to find your increased cost for a longer length cord

Part # Description Amps/Volts Ship Weight
KD12 Deicer, 1/2 HP 5.0/115v 25 lbs.
KD34 Deicer, 3/4 HP 6.7/115v 35 lbs.
KD34H Deicer, 3/4 HP 3.35/230v 35 lbs.
KD44 Deicer, 1 HP 11.3/115v 45 lbs.
KD44H Deicer, 1 HP 5.7/230v 45 lbs.
C10 Temperature Only Controller N/A 3 lbs.
C20 Time and Temperature Controller N/A 4 lbs.
KDM Dock Mount Hardware (1" pipe supplied locally) N/A 14 lbs.
KFK Floatation Kit For Circulators/Deicers N/A 19 lbs.