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Gast 5 HP Regenerative Blower

Item #: GB63
OUR PRICE: $1,975.00

Regenerative blowers have become the industry choice when high oxygen, low energy consumption and reliable service is needed. Gast means quality. Gast blowers have only one moving part – the impeller – and since the impeller touches nothing there is no wear, no seals, no vibration and no lubrication to be done.


Gast is the world leader in blower manufacturing and for good reason! Features include 2 year warranty, 50 and 60 Hz operation with the same unit, automatic thermal overload protection, UL approved and CSA certified, can be mounted in any position, lightweight durable and compact.


Price Includes:

  • 2 year warranty

    Inlet air filter
  •  Outlet bleed valve – a $15.00 to $20.00 value from other suppliers

    6’ power cord on all blowers 1 HP and smaller