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Fire Fountain XR-7'' Manifold with Auto Fire Ignition System

Item #: XR7-NG
OUR PRICE: $2,233.00
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Most fire and water features currently on the market only offer the illusion of fire and water combined. These fire fountains are the "real deal"! Our unique product has the flames emanating directly out of the water, giving the enchanting effect of fire dancing on the surface of the water. With this manifold kit you can literally transform almost any ordinary fountain into a fire fountain.

The bowl needs to be 9" deep for the SUBEIS with manifold.
Bowl needs to be 4" deep for the manifold only.
This kit includes:
  • Stainless Steel Manifold
  • Check Valve


Q: How much gas pressure does it take to operate a Submersible GV Unit?
A: Submersible Units require at least 0.75 PSI for 7'', 1 PSI for 18'' and for 12'' to operate properly.

Q: How deep should I put the manifold below the surface of the water?
A:The closer the manifold is to the surface of the water, the better the performance.

Q: How large does the supply line have to be to the manifold?
A: 7 - 12" manifolds may run off of a 1/4" supply line. The gas line will never be larger than 1 1/4" for the larger submersible units.

Q: How do I keep water out of my supply line?
A: The Submersible GV Units are designed with a vapor locking system and an in-line check valve to ensure that no water fills the gas line, giving you constant gas pressure.

Q: Does the system run on natural gas?
A: Yes. Our system runs on natural gas and requires a high output meter that will be supplied by your gas carrier at no cost to the customer. The customer will need to get a high pressure regulator installed to the fire feature with a pressure regulated spring rated at 3 - 6 PSI.

Q: Can this system operate on propane?
A: Yes. Our system runs on propane and needs to be equipped with a high output regulator supplied by your gas provider. It needs to be rated for at least 3 PSI and up.

Q: Can this unit burn indoors?
A: No.

Q: How long does the system last?
A: There is a one year warranty on the stainless steel material and the tips. The system is very durable and is built to last.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: Each Submersible Unit should take about 10 minutes to install.

Q: What material does the manifold consist of?
A: 316 stainless steel material.

Note: Always stand UPWIND when lighting any fire feature.