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Shallow Pond Aerator Kit - for ponds up to 1/2 acre

Item #: PA8SW
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  • Small ponds deserve as much care and quality tools as big ponds. It is our goal to provide you with the best quality products for the best prices so that you may enjoy a healthy pond along with the best customer experience. This is why we include, in our selection, the best small aeration kits you can find on the market.

    These aeration kits are powered by a quiet compressor and are made for continuous operation; you can run them 24 hours a day. Made of durable, long-lasting materials, they do a great job of aerating all year long and can be used as de-icers during the winter time.

    This kit is ideal for small ponds, aquariums or other systems hosting fish and of a surface up to 1/2 an acre or small ponds with a maximum depth of 7 feet.

    This aerator is perfect for preventing fish kills and low oxygen levels in small ponds.

    Product description:

    • Incredible reliable power: Your KLC80 compressor will provide up to 3.7 cfm of air in the water.
    • Easy to install: The compressor comes with 100’ of ½’’ Quick Sink tubing making it easy to install: The tubing will sink by itself to the bottom of the pond without the need of any additional weight making it invisible to the eye. It will also decrease the chances of the airline being snagged by fishing lines or swimmers.
    • Many benefits for you pond: This aeration system will be a great benefit to the aquatic ecosystem into which you are installing it. Not only do they provide good aeration, they also contribute to the general health of your pond by improving the circulation of the water and de-stratifying the deeper layers of the water for ponds up to 7 feet deep.
    • Weather resistant compressors allowing use outdoors. Although it is recommended that you shelter it in a cabinet with good aeration, to avoid over-heating.​
    • 100' ½” Quick Sink tubing and air diffuser
    • Three year warranty on compressor, 5 year warranty on tubing/diffusers
    • For your safety, always unplug the unit from its power source before installing or servicing. For more information on safety and how to safely handle this unit, please consult our PDF brochure.
    • Do not submerse the compressor. Keep away from water, above surface level or any area that favors the creation of puddles.
    • Preferably, install your compressor in a shaded area away from excessive dust or moisture.
    • This compressor is designed to solely pump air.
    • Over the years, your aeration system, although it is still running, might experience a loss of air output. This might be time to replace the diaphragms or the pistons, depending on the type. Compressor repair kits are available on our website.

    For the best results, place your aeration system between the deepest and the shallowest parts of your pond. If the deepest part of your pond is 4 feet, and the shallowest is 2 feet, place your aeration system around 3 feet depth.

    Remember it comes with a great 3-year warranty on the compressor and 5 year warranty on tubing and diffusers!!!


  • 7 Questions & 7 Answers
    from Mass asked:
    August 3, 2018
    My pond is only 10 to 18 in deep will this work for this application
    1 Answer
    Yes you can put this in area that shallow but a surface area like this would actually be better for what that depth:
    Daniel Crackower
    on September 6, 2018

    from Indianapolis, IN asked:
    August 2, 2017
    I'm confused on my options for remotely locating the compressor. Like another question here, I want to locate near an outlet closer to my home and then run regular poly tubing 200' to the manifold/splitter shown in the kit picture. At that point right next to the pond, I wanted to cut the included sink tubing into two 50' secctions, connecting them to the outgoing ports on the manifold. Will this setup work? If so should I use a larger diameter poly tubing from the compressor to the manifold 200' away? The previous post answer seemed to imply two separate runs were needed all the way from the compressor and you would just connect the sink tubing to the regular tubing. Is this really necessary, and if so why wouldn't my setup with one hose to the manifold work? thanks!
    1 Answer
    No you can use 1 larger diameter airline run from the compressor and split into 2 or you can run 2 lines all the way. With the first option the valve manifold would be installed in the ground near the pond. With the second option the valve manifold would stay at the compressor. If the manifold stays at the compressor then it would call for 2 runs. In cases where you only have a short distance that option can be better for a 200' a single run is likely the cheaper and better options. To go with one single run you will need to but fittings and a valve box to bury and access the manifold. Here are links to those items on the site: (you would want to get the 5/8" version at minimum for this system since the airline is 1/2" to the diffusers)
    Customer Service
    on August 8, 2017

    from Lonsdale, MN asked:
    June 12, 2017
    I would like to put the compressor in a shed that is 100' from the pond, so I would need 100' of tube to the pond, and 100' X 2 for the pond. What would be the total cost? Thanks! Steve
    1 Answer
    For the airline that is over the land you can use poly tubing and then we can provide you couplings and clamps to unify the poly and the weighted tubing. Here is a link to the poly tubing on our website. For this unit you will want to use 1/2" poly:
    Customer Service
    on June 16, 2017

    from Lafayette, LA asked:
    March 31, 2017
    Is I the OK to run the aerator at the lowest possible speed? Running it faster makes too many bubbles which disturbs the water lilies in the pond.
    1 Answer
    You could potentially put a ball valve on it, the only concern about that I would have is that perhaps if you lower it too much you can cause back pressure which over time could damage the compressor.
    Customer Service
    on April 14, 2017

    from Harrisonburg, VA asked:
    March 30, 2017
    How much current does this aerator draw?
    1 Answer
    These linear compressors are actually very efficient. It operates at only 96 Watts.
    Customer Service
    on March 31, 2017

    Tim Ellrich
    from White bluff TN asked:
    March 7, 2017
    Does this unit operate on 110 volt ci cult?
    1 Answer
    This unit operates on a 110v and it includes a standard 3 prong plug.
    Customer Service
    on March 8, 2017

    from Maryland asked:
    November 12, 2016
    What is the wattage of this pump? Thank you.
    1 Answer
    The compressor operates on 45 watts.
    Customer Service
    on November 14, 2016