Collection: Water Garden Pond Aerators, Air Pumps for Koi Ponds

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Collection: Water Garden Pond Aerators, Air Pumps for Koi Ponds

These Garden Pond Aerators are perfect for ornamental water features and Koi Ponds. These kits are rated to effectively aerate ponds 500 to 20,000 gallons depending on the size of the compressor. These are high quality kits that carry 2 & 3 year warranties. 

Easypro Ornamental Pond Aerators - The Easypro Ornamental pond aerator offers a continuous aeration system that is powered by a hardy air compressor. Since the compressors costs only pennies to run and are very quiet, it can be used for both summer time aeration and winter time de-icing without costing you as much money as heaters or de-icers. The kit includes everything you need to set up the aerator ready for use, including the tubing, compressor and diffuser making it quick and easy to set up.

Easypro Linear Pond Aerators - Easypro linear pond aerators are very quiet and energy efficient, costing only pennies per day to run and are also very reliable, offering years of constant service for your pond without needing any replacements. They do not require oil to run and need very little maintenance. The kits come complete with everything you need to set up your easypro linear pond aerator, a compressor, 15’ of self-weighted airline and an air diffuser all UL listed for continuous outdoor use.

Deluxe Easypro Liner Pond Aerators - These energy efficient aerators provide reliable, low maintenance aerating, for pennies a month. They offer years of constant service with very minimal maintenance and come with everything you need to set up your pond aerator. Kits contain a compressor, an air diffuser and 15’ of self-weighted airline with everything UL listed for outdoor use; these aerators will give you years of reliable service for your pond, keeping it clean and odor free throughout the year, and reducing the ice over winter. The primary difference between the deluxe and the standard linear kits is the extra year of warranty.


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