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Beneficial Pond Bacteria

There's truly nothing more beautiful and soothing than a custom backyard pond. To keep it looking lovely and to ensure it lasts for years to come, it is essential to keep the water balanced at all times by the proper use of beneficial pond bacteria. These are microorganisms that are naturally present in streams, ponds and various other bodies of water. Such pond bacteria help keep the water clear, healthy and free of sludge and fish waste.

We sell only pond water treatment products that are formulated specifically for your home pond, so you are always assured of its safety and effectiveness. What this means is that it contains only organic pond enzymes and bacteria that are completely pathogen-free, unlike bacteria products that are meant for septic tanks. Those are harsh and can often be dangerous to your pond and its living residents.

Find pond treatment products such as EasyPro and All Season bacteria at excellent prices at Living Water Aeration. Each natural pond cleaner is hand-selected for its effectiveness, and we stand behind all of our products. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase, whether it's a koi pond treatment or a complete aeration system.

The products featured here are recommended for larger ponds. If you are in need of pond bacteria for smaller water gardens or koi ponds please see our Pond Bacteria page in our Water Gardens section.

Pond-Vive - is a proprietary blend of specialized bacteria, formulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance. Pond-Vive contains specialized bacterial strains as well as other necessary ingredients needed to support these bacterial strains in a lake or pond setting. This unique blend of bacteria accomplishes a number of very specific tasks. Certain bacterial strains specialize in the removing of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water. Other strains focus on clarifying the murky water caused from animal and plant wastes, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the odors stemming from those wastes. Still other strains target the reduction of sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds. Pond-Vive bacteria works best when the water temperatures are above 55 degrees. 

Sludge Remover Pellets - are an ideal way to bring beneficial bacteria  quickly to the bottom of a pond or  lake. The one-ounce pellets sink directly where applied and bring full strength treatment to that specific area. The pellets sink slightly into the bottom sediment which helps to prevent drifting of the bacteria due to waves, boating, water currents, etc. This product is the preferred choice when treating part of a larger body of water such as coves or bays on a lake, around docks, swimming areas etc.