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Why Your Pond Needs Bacteria

Why Your Pond Needs Bacteria

You may have the idea that in order to have a healthy pond you need to eliminate all bacteria. Such is not the case. In order to ensure that the water in the pond is healthy you do need to ensure that some bacteria are present because there are bacteria that are beneficial.  Its purpose is to get rid of waste in the water that can cause problems with the quality of the water. This waste comes from fish, remnants of food particles, rotting vegetation and fertilizer from your garden.  When there is too much waste in the water the good bacteria cannot keep up with the work that it does and this can cause an imbalance in the pond’s ecosystem. All natural streams and ponds contain bacteria that keep the ecosystem in check.

How to determine if the pond needs bacteria

There are very simple ways of finding out whether or not you need to add Beneficial bacteria to your pond. The most obvious sign is odor. The water will smell stale and depending on the amount of harmful bacteria the smell could be strong enough to keep you away from the water. There are commercially available bacteria that can help you get rid of this problem and enable you to enjoy the serenity of sitting by the pond.

You don’t have to wait until you notice an odor or have the water quality checked in a lab to add bacteria. This is something you should do as part of regular maintenance. Experts recommend that you take this step of purifying the water at least once a month and sooner than that if you feel the need. The installation of a fountain or an aerator can assist you in ensuring the health of your pond.

Types of beneficial bacteria to add

Adding beneficial bacteria to your pond will not increase your operating expenses. They are pond cleaners that contain the elements you need for carefree outdoor living and recreation. Here are a few of the most commonly used commercial products to increase the bacteria level in the pond to benefit you, the water and the pond life.

Pond Boost Beneficial Bacteria. This product is specially designed for use in large ponds. It contains bacteria that are quite effective at removing all traces of harmful elements from the water, such as phosphorus, nitrate and sulfur. Then there are elements that concentrate on removing waste from fish, plants and animals and still others that work on the bacteria that cause odors.

Sludge Remover Pellets. These pellets sink to the bottom of the pond and help keep bacteria in place instead of drifting throughout the water. This is another excellent product to use for cleaning harmful bacteria from a large area of water.

There are also products that are designed for small ponds. You can either spray or pour a liquid directly into the water or use a few of the sludge remover pellets. The main thing to remember about having a pond is that you do have to make sure you keep it clean and healthy, just as you do with your garden and your home.


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