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Tips For Ridding Your Pond of Algae

Tips For Ridding Your Pond of Algae

Although you want to have sunlight reach through the depths of water in your pond and to aid in the operation of a solar pump, the sun can also be detrimental to the health of any pond. Algae growth thrives in sunlight and is one of the problems that homeowners grapple with trying to solve on a permanent basis. While it is impossible to limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the pond there are things that you can do, such as:
  • Try to provide as much shade as possible
  • Have floating plants around the edge of the pond
  • Do not add nutrients to the water
  • Make sure that if you have fish in the pond that you feed that all of it is eaten because this could be food for the algae
  • Install a filter and a UV sterilizer. If you already have these features examine them to make sure that they are working properly.
It is important to remember that all ponds should have a limited amount of algae in order for it to remain healthy. You should not try to eliminate all the algae entirely. This means that you do need to check on the algae on a regular basis to make sure that it is not expanding at a rapid rate. Chemical treatment for algae i.e. algaecide for ponds are available to help rid ponds of algae when you find it difficult to accomplish the task with any of the methods mentioned above. There are several different brands that are very effective in the treatment of algae. Some of the more commonly used types are: Citrine Plus: This product is available in granular or liquid. It is very effective in eliminating your algae problem and preventing the algae from returning soon after treatment. It has another benefit in that it prevents the development of underwater weeds. You can use this chemical in ponds that are used for swimming because it has been approved for use in municipal water systems. K-Tea: For ponds that don’t have any incoming or outgoing streams, K-Tea is the best choice for algae treatment. The base of the chemical is copper and this has proven to be both efficient and effective in pools and ponds for many years. You do not have to wait for a specific length of time before you use the pond for recreational purposes or for consumption after treating it with this product. GreenClean: This is an environmentally friendly product that does not have any chemical base and covers a wide variety of algae in any pond setting. It is completely biodegradable so that it doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. You do not have to let an algae problem in your pond get the best of you. It is a recurring problem that has to be dealt with on a regular basis and by using one of these great products you will be able to easily manage the amount of algae that develops. Left alone, the algae will destroy the pond and the life within it.


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