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Take the Level Up, With a Fall!

Take the Level Up, With a Fall!


There are so many ways to personalize your fish pond, so many options to let it be a true highlight of your landscaping, it can be a little overwhelming to select the perfect touch.

One of the most versatile options available is the waterfall. It is a functional as well as visual addition to a pond of any size. While a discrete functional pump will keep the water aerated and healthy, a waterfall can do it just as effectively, but with personality. How much personality is up to you, the range of sizes and styles available are varied as the ponds themselves. Even a flat yard can enjoy the effect with a little creative planning.

The Easy Pro series and the Eco series both offer vaults and spillways and a pond less option is something else worth considering – envision a Pond Waterfall on one side of the seating area and a pond on the other.

How much or how little drama it offers is just a personal choice. If you have a lot of greenery a simple rock fall maintains the organic feel and a subtle feel of peace. Should your landscaping be more contemporary a full drama multi layered fall complete with optic lights can give the “wow” impact that is sure to impress. Very large pond? Visualize one or two small falls and a large one, or fountain as key features for a complete.

Other than the visual elements there are other considerations for selecting a waterfall that works best for you. Location of foliage for example, waterlilies prefer to not be splashed on. Not all water gardens are stocked with fish, but if yours is try to ensure you don't overcrowd it with “just too much going on”. Your fish need safe zones to be able to rest and shouldn't have to fight the current every inch of your pond, it will exhaust them. A mirror ball placed near the waterfall can increase the visual effect without disturbing the water flow..and has an advantage of being able to be moved to play with different levels of visual impact.

Most fish actually like a bit of movement, and watching them play and frolic a bit can be a good indicator of good health. A happy koi will dance about a bit, and the elegance of a Butterfly Koi showing off her ballet moves at the base of a waterfall can be very beautiful, and entertaining. Goldfish have a very playful streak in them, and they really seem to love to show off for each other playing in a waterfall.

The most important consideration is to make it your own. It should speak of your style, your taste, the environmental concerns like wintering and ground levels always have solutions. You are going to enjoy your pond for many years, it is a dramatic element in any yard, a waterfall can take it from “oh, you have a pond” to “wow, your yard is just stunning”.



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