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Role of Bacteria in Your Pond

Role of Bacteria in Your Pond


Well, you may not want it in your kitchen, but you most certainly do want it in your pond. Actually if you knew how much healthy bacteria is in your kitchen you might not be impressed either, we have been taught from a young age that bacteria is like a virus. That isn’t the real case though, and there are a good many types of Pond Boost Beneficial Bacteria. Your body needs it to live, and so does your pond.

The truth about bacteria is we have over sterilized ourselves both inside and out, to the point that we are now having to reintegrate the healthy bacteria back into our diets. Pro-biotic...means exactly that. You don't want your pond to be over sterilized either, neither your foliage nor your fish will survive. That doesn't mean don't clean your pond any more than it means you should stop washing your hands.

Biologically balanced is what we really need, a healthy balance of Beneficial Pond Bacteria. It is easy enough to achieve, but we really should understand why it’s important first. Nitrite is the culprit and will kill your fish and your plants.

At 0.25 ppm nitrite begins to affect fish after a short period; at 0.5 ppm it becomes dangerous; and at 1.0 ppm it is often fatal. It is highly toxic to all life at very low levels. There are bacteria that produce the toxin and they are on the hit list of bacteria you want to eliminate from your pond. Another group you want to target is bacteria that take up nitrite, producing nitrate, which is still toxic though much less so. Your fish and your plants both give off waste and the bad boys in the bacteria world feed on that.

In a small scale environment like a fish bowl or small aquarium you cycle the water to keep this in check, but in an outdoor environment, especially in a very large pond this would not be practical, nor efficient, so what are the practical solutions?

You really should start with a Pond Filter, Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Bio-Tube Filters - Ultima Filters are superior to bead filters because of their patented bio-tube media which does not clump together like beads do. Independent Laboratory Testing Confirms Ultima Filters are the Best! Gillespie Biomonitoring Labs, an independent, certified testing laboratory, tested the Ultima II filter and the other three leading bead filters.

You will seldom find this enough and may want to supplement it with the addition of the good guys, to keep your balance up. Consider it feeding your pond, at a micro level, and don't use the additives for aquariums – the products are not interchangeable and they are much too harsh and can destroy your sensitive ecosystem. Easy Pro Pond Vive gives the bacteria and enzymes to keep your water healthy and plants and fish alive, and if you have a large population then EasyPro Sludge remover targets the problem at the source.


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