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Pond Pumps Add Needed Circulation to Your Water Garden

Pond Pumps Add Needed Circulation to Your Water Garden

No matter what size pond you have or the accessories you use for it, the choice of a Pond Pump can make the difference in its operation. From small submersible pumps for water gardens to large near-industrial sized pumps to push water high into the air for aeration and visual appeal, how you plan to use the pump will dictate the size and type needed. Small submersible pumps are ideal for water gardens and small ponds to aerate the water while creating a scene in your landscape. They can be mounted on the bottom or used on a float and with the availability of solar powered motors, can be moved around the pond at your discretion. Most are simple direct-drive pumps, with which the impeller of the pump turns and pushes the water upwards and through a design nozzle and then into the air. For larger ponds, or those that have accessories such as waterfalls and filters, larger pumps are typically placed on the ground with tubing used to pump water from the inlet to the devices being used. With these types of pumps, the head pressure is usually used to determine the size of the pump needed. This is the amount of pressure needed to move the water from the pump’s inlet to its destination. The more accessories you use the more head pressure you will need. Additionally, dynamic head pressure takes into account the additional pressure that may be needed to account for the resistance in the tubing as well as the device being serviced. The pump’s capacity should also be considered with the benchmark being a pump should be able to move the total volume of water in the pond in about an hour. To view our large selection of pond pumps, please head over to our store with the following link:


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