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Pond Fountains Offer Life & Beauty for Your Pond

Pond Fountains Offer Life & Beauty for Your Pond

Small lakes or large ponds can receive multiple benefits from fountains, whether they are floating on top of the water or submerged spraying high in to the air. In addition to the aesthetics of a Pond Fountain, when the water drops back into the pond it brings with it life-giving oxygen to all that live beneath the surface and helps to keep the water clean. Surface aeration systems using fountains do more than breathe life into the pond water. Many of the floating surface fountains are available in a variety of spray patterns in anything from a low profile and subtle spray to large displays of water that almost seem to dance across the surface. In larger ponds and lakes it may be necessary to use more than one surface aerating fountain or a combination of the floating and submerged aeration systems to provide sufficient oxygen to the water. Pond fountains are part of your water management system and when used properly will help maintain the ecological benefits for which the pond was intended. Adequately aerated water will provide a larger living space for fish of many species and will help with the digestion of waste on the bottom of the pond from fish to plants. Aeration also allows reduced stratification of temperature zones giving fish more oxygen throughout the depth of the pond. Organic materials that make their way into your pond decompose under water and pond fountains provide the oxygen needed to help that process along. Without a Kasco Aerating Fountains, the water on the surface can become over oxygenated and water at the lower level may become starved creating a dead zone. The bacteria on the bottom that actually helps in the decomposition of the waste and other debris also need oxygen in order to do their part in the ecology of your pond. Accessories can liven up your pond fountain In addition to the ecological benefits of pond fountains they also improve the curb appeal of your home. They can provide a soothing background when you are outdoors for relaxation and add to the value of your property. There are also accessories available to add even more to the beauty of your property. Underwater lighting can provide a unique appearance to the water as it cascades into the air and falls back to the pond and different color lights can add even more excitement. In addition to color heads for outdoor pond lighting, different sprayer heads are available that will allow you to change the pattern of your pond fountain. Floating wreaths can be added to your fountain to make the water appear to be rising from the center of the wreath. Many pond fountains will require an electrical source that will require wire going to the fountain. There also fountains that operate on a replaceable battery to make installation much easier and for those who want the option of being able to move the fountain to different locations in the pond solar powered pond fountains are becoming popular. Without the need for running wires, they can be installed anywhere that provides adequate sunlight. They can be found with the solar panels built into the fountain on the water or with a remote solar panel that can be placed in the sunlight with a wire connected to the fountain. The advantage to these fountains is that they can be placed in shaded areas of the pond and while a wire will still be required to be connected to the pump it does not need to be connected to your home’s power allowing their use in remote sections of your yard. We offer a large selection of pond fountains, we have several brands and styles to choose from.


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