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What are the Pond Aerator Benefits?

What are the Pond Aerator Benefits?

Proper pond aeration will create a wonderful habitat for fish and aquatic plants as it increases oxygen levels, improves the quality of the water, prevents excessive algae growth, and more. Understanding the importance of pond aeration is essential to maintaining your pond. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a pond aerator. 

Creates A Healthy Plant And Fish Habitat

Increasing oxygen levels remains a vital part of having a pond with fish and animals. Aquatic life needs valuable oxygen in order to survive, just as animals and plants outside of the water. 

Dissolved oxygen is commonly found in colder water, such as the water that is in the bottom half of the pond. When a pond has aquarium plants that are located on the top half of the pond, they do not receive the oxygen in the water that they need. Fish are limited to the bottom parts of the pond because they do not have the option to swim in the upper layers of water due to the low-oxygen conditions. 

Proper aeration helps increase oxygen in two ways. First, it puts more oxygen into the water. Second, aeration helps circulate the water to evenly distribute oxygen throughout the pond. 

Decrease Excessive Algae Growth

Algae blooms are the result of algae spores coming together to grow thanks to exposure to sunlight. This is why pond owners often find algae on the top of the water. 

Aeration of ponds disrupts that process by increasing water circulation. As the water circulates, algae cells are forced to the bottom of the pond where they do not have access to the sunlight that they need to grow. 

Circulation in water thanks to aeration can also reduce the level of phosphorus, a mineral that algae needs to grow. It does this by increasing oxygen levels throughout the pond. 

When there is enough oxygen throughout the body of water, phosphorus will wind up falling to the bottom of the pond where toxic blue green algae cannot grow. 

Aeration Helps Pond Fish Survive Harsh Winters

Increased oxygen levels are particularly important during cold weather. As the top layer of a pond freezes over, a pond without aeration will have less oxygen than it does during other times of the year. The lack of oxygen is why an entire fish population will not survive the winter. A proper aeration system ensures that fish will be able to both survive and thrive through cold winters. 

Increase Aerobic Bacteria

Aerobic bacteria are often better at helping to eliminate excess waste and debris in ponds when compared to anaerobic bacteria. It also does not smell like anaerobic bacteria do. Because of this, aerobic bacteria is considered a necessity to keep ponds clean. 

However, aerobic bacteria need oxygen to survive. By increasing the level of oxygen in the water column, pond owners can trust that they are creating a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to grow. The more beneficial bacteria there are in a pond, the cleaner a pond is. 

Decrease Foul Odors

If your pond has a rotten egg smell, it's due to the excessive amounts of anaerobic bacteria in the pond. Anaerobic bacteria cannot live in a pond that has a proper oxygen level throughout the pond because they require an environment that does not have oxygen. Once you increase the oxygen level, you'll decrease the bacteria level and the smell that they create. 

Naturally Reduce Mosquitos

Ponds are a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. They appreciate the damp conditions and enjoy the still water that most ponds have. However, mosquitos require stagnant water if they would like to stand on it or lay their eggs on it. Aeration devices create consistent water movement that makes ponds uncomfortable for mosquitos, naturally reducing their population near your pond. 

Consistent Water Temperatures For Fish

One of the main benefits of aeration is that your pond will have a consistent temperature, even in deeper water. Fish and plants tend to prefer warmer water that is not too hot or too cold. The consistent temperature ensures that they can swim anywhere in the pond, including to the top of the pond water to get food. Fish that are able to do this will be happier and healthier. 

Aquatic Weed Control

Certain weeds, such as duckweed, thrive in large bodies of water that are stagnant. When pond owners have proper water aeration, the water is no longer stagnant enough for these weeds to grow. This makes pond aeration systems one of the best forms of natural weed control. 

Improved Water Quality

Water quality testing often reveals high levels of metals and toxic gases when ponds are not properly oxygenated. When pond owners invest in effective aeration, the water circulation naturally gets rid of these by bringing toxic gases to the surface water at the top of the pond where they can naturally be eliminated. 

In Conclusion

When looking at an aeration solution, you'll see one benefit of aeration after another. Not only can it enhance the environment for fish and plants, but it can also help reduce unwanted things in your pond. Using subsurface aeration is a sustainable solution that can help eliminate the need for chemicals in your pond thanks to the natural benefits that it provides.


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