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Planting a Water Garden: Choosing Plants and Proper Maintenance

Planting a Water Garden: Choosing Plants and Proper Maintenance

One of the greatest things about planting a water garden is the vast creativity that comes along with it. The water is your canvas, and you are the artist. The variety of aquatic plants is endless, and so is your imagination in mixing and mingling colorful flowers and exotic plants. Choosing Plants for Your Water Garden The variety of plants to add to your water garden is truly endless. The limiting factor comes from the size of your pond. You do not want to overcrowd plants, as they will then lack proper nutrients, sunlight and abundant air circulation. You have to keep in mind that the small plants you purchase today are going to substantially grow over time and take up room. If you are planning a smaller size water garden, foliage plants can offer a vertical arrangement that do not take up a lot of surface room. A larger pond can sustain floating plants such as water lilies. Floating plants are also beneficial because their leaves provide shade directly over the water which diminishes the growth of algae. Also inhibiting the growth of algae are surface plants and bog plants. Surface plants have their roots in the soil and their leaves blossom into the water providing direct shade on the surface of the water. Bog plants compete with algae for levels of nitrogen to survive which weans algae into slower growth.  If you are looking for a plant that will also enhance the quality of the pond, submerged or oxygenating plants are a good choice. They produce oxygen that benefits surround plants and fish below water. Maintaining Your Water Garden Proper maintenance is the key tool in having a beautiful water garden. Many aquatic plants require pruning to ensure they do not grow beyond what is a required size for your pond. You also need to ensure proper sunlight, shade and oxygen levels are sufficiently adequate for your plants’ growth. Dissolved oxygen meters can be purchased through Living Water Aeration to determine your water garden is maintaining necessary oxygen levels. You also want to ensure that there is no runoff from you lawn into your water garden. Polluted runoff water can be threatening to aquatic plant life. You also want to try and maintain algae growth in your water garden. Algae will take essential nutrients away from your plants. Having rooted plants in your pond will ensure nutrients are not supplied to algae. Another important routine maintenance procedure is to clean your water garden liner once a summer. This will eliminate the buildup of waste and other unwanted matter in your water garden. Adding Water Gardens to your landscape is an appealing way to create a calm and colorful sanctuary. Choosing the right amount and species of plants will allow for ease of care. Also keeping up with proper maintenance will allow your plants to live long and healthy lives for your enjoyment.


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