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Keep Your Pond Predator Free

Keep Your Pond Predator Free


Pesky predators that want to infiltrate your pond and devour your fish can be contained most of the time. Using decoys such as lifelike herons can work for a while. At least until the real Great Blue Herons figure out that the decoys are just what they are, decoys. Once these smart birds solve the mystery of the non-threatening immobile distractions, they will nonchalantly make their way to your fish. It would be a good idea to move your decoys around so they won’t raise suspicions.

  • Give Your Fish The Opportunity To Play Hide And Seek Without Being Found

When you are ready to build your pond, you will need few products such as pond kit. create smart hiding places in the pond for your fish to hide from predators. Consider placing dark colored PVC tubing at the bottom of the pond for fish to be out of sight and away from imminent danger. This way these intruders will seek and not find and maybe go away to a more accessible place to capture a meal.

  • Stay On Top Of These Predators

Deciding to procure a pond, whether big or small, is a great opportunity to appease your love of nature and the outdoors. It involves a great deal of responsibility to keep it beautiful and well maintained, but with the right tools your enjoyment will be extremely satisfying. Try floating alligator decoys with lifelike movements to scare away those unwanted visitors. Floating vegetation is also a great place for your fish to take refuge. Different decoys and hiding places could keep your pond’s fish swimming happily.

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Another product to ward off those pesky hunters that are hungry for your fish is an ultrasonic pest repeller. The upkeep is minimal and could be the answer to your problem. This ultrasonic motion detector gives off an intense ultrasonic sound that only animals can hear. Those pests steer clear of your pond because of the annoying sound penetrating through their ears.

  • Create A Sanctuary Away From Your Pond

If you have a love for all nature, but would like to keep both birds and animals away from your pond, set aside an isolated area on your land to feed them. You could place feeders in your designated area for them to eat from and waterers to maintain them hydrated. This may turn them away from your pond although you may still need decoys around your pond as a precautionary measure.

As you contemplate in getting a pond, it would be a good idea to research what types of predators you’ll be dealing with in your area and about tips to maintain your pond. It’s a way of preparing yourself with the proper decoys to help protect the valuable fish in your pond. Whether you’re building a pond for commercial fish breeding or aesthetic purposes, you’ll want to keep your pond’s commercial value or beauty intact without nuisance animals and birds controlling your fish count. Being prepared is the key to maintaining your fish stock intact and the value of your pond worth your while.


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