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Is a Deicer necessary for my pond?

Is a Deicer necessary for my pond?

This is a good question and one that many clients ask about. Especially if you are in a climate that doesn’t get overly cold, you may be wondering if a deicer is necessary. There are many benefits to a deicer. Though they might not be necessary, they can be very beneficial to the life and health of your pond. Since goldfish and koi, the most common pond stocking fish, do not require warmer water, many pond owners feel that a deicer is an unnecessary expense. And this may be the case if you do not have freezing in your area. However, if you do live in a climate where you pond freezes, a deicer will help ensure that there are holes in your ice that will allow the gases that need to escape from the water which will continue to provide a healthy environment for your pond fish throughout the winter months. If you do live in an area that does not freeze, this may not be a concern; however, in the colder months, less wildlife will come to the pond and there will be less movement of the water. Therefore, even if a deicer is not required, you may have an aerator helpful to keep the water moving and the oxygen levels where they need to be for the proper respiration of your fish. Many products are both an aerator and deicer. Consider products such as the EasyPro Ornamental Pond Aerator/Deicer  or Pond heaters for small ponds or the AirPro Deluxe Pond Aerator Kit for ponds up to 6 acres.


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