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Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Products and Equipment That Are Essential for Pond Owners

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Products and Equipment That Are Essential for Pond Owners


As a new pond owner or even as a seasoned one, there are certain pieces of equipment and valuable products that are necessary to maintain the appearance and health of your pond. Using these items will ensure your pond is free of harmful bacteria, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Is a pond pump necessary if I do not have a waterfall?

A pond pump is a necessary piece of equipment for every pond owner. A pump creates movement in the water. If water isn’t continuously moving, harmful bacteria and problems such as mosquito populations can arise. A pump is especially important if you have a waterfall in your pond. A proper pump will ensure continuous water flow as well as sufficiently feed water into your waterfall. Both submersible and external pumps are available through Living Water Aeration.

Why is aeration important in my pond?

Having a proper aeration system for your pond is one of the most important attributes in keeping the pond water clean, healthy and free of algae and pond bacteria. The dissolved oxygen process benefits beneficial living organisms in the pond. An aeration system is also critical if you have fish in your pond. Low levels of oxygen can cause fish to die quickly. Also, a low level of oxygen can cause an unwanted odor to come from the water because of the organic waste breakdown switching from aerobic to anaerobic.

When I think of bacteria I think of a dirty pond. How do beneficial bacteria promote clear, clean water in my pond?

Beneficial bacteria are key components in keeping your pond from having a grimy, cloudy appearance. If you have fish in your pond, the fish secrete a lot of waste. Beneficial bacteria eliminate this waste, because it’s what they feed on. Beneficial bacteria also eliminate problem nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. However, these advantageous bacteria can take six to seven weeks to populate in your pond. Using a safe, organic beneficial bacteria product can escalate this process to ensure your pond stays clear. Living Water Aeration has a variety of beneficial bacteria products that are specifically designed for home ponds and are organic and eco-friendly.

Is there a way to diminish the high levels of algae I have in my pond?

There are numerous natural ways to eliminate algae in your pond. Properly feeding your fish, not over feeding them, is critical. Overfed fish secrete more waste which leads to enhanced algae growth. Introducing animal life such as pond snails and tadpoles into your pond can also help, because they both feed off of algae. Also ensure your filter is clear and not clogged. A filter that is not properly circulating the water can lead to algae growth. However, if you are seeing high levels of algae in your pond you may want to consider something more invasive. Algaecide products can eliminate algae rather quickly and efficiently. Finding an algaecide that is also safe for the environment is also an important factor. Living Water Aeration offers GreenClean Algaecide Granular. This product is safe for the environment and was registered with the EPA.

I’m having problems with weeds in my pond. Hydrilla is the most invasive weed in my pond, and I want something that is also safe for my fish. Do you have any recommendations?

Controlling weeds in a pond can be troublesome. Hydrilla can especially be a burden, because it can reproduce in four different ways: through fragmentation, their turions, by tubers and depositing their seed. This pesky weed can grow up to an inch a day and can stunt certain species of fish in your pond. A weed killer that is aggressive in eliminating a weed like this and is also safe for your fish is Nautique Aquatic Herbicide. There are no irrigation restrictions for this herbicide and it safe for aquatic life such as fish and shrimp. This product can be found at Living Water Aeration’s website as well.


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