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Finding Ways to Remain Fond of Your Pond

Finding Ways to Remain Fond of Your Pond

Whether you have a small garden pond in your backyard or one that covers several acres on your farm it can take a little work to keep them in shape. Many ponds will provide a home to unwanted plants and can, without the proper maintenance turn green from algae growth and unless you keep on top of the potential problems, it can take a lot more work getting rid of the problems than it will take by being proactive. One of the key issues with any pond management plan is the quality of the water. If you are starting your own pond, basically starting with nothing, you will need to understand how the pond will be filled. A nearby spring that provides fresh water is probably the best source but you also need to know of any impact that collecting the spring water will have on your immediate environment. It could also cause problems for your neighbors if the spring feeds the water table used by others for wells. Counting on the local watershed to provide enough water for you pond can be disappointing if the watershed is too small for the pond you are looking to build. It takes four to five acres of watershed to maintain every foot-acre of pond. Also understand that is you plan on making the pond large enough to support fish and other aquatic life before you stock the fish, some state require you to have the pond inspected by the state wildlife division. This inspection will determine if the pond is capable of supporting the fish as well as what will happen to any runoff from the pond. It will also benefit you if there’s something you need to do, such as fertilize the water before adding your fish. If your pond cannot support the fish, they will usually die shortly after being introduced. If the pond is large enough you can always create a private beach on one side and allow family and friends to use it to cool off in the summer. Keep in mind that you will need to include safety equipment near any pond that you are opening up to swimmers. You should also consider taking a life-saving course in the event something unexpected goes wrong. If you are planning a smaller pond, such as one less than one-fourth of an acre you may want to consider adding a means of keeping it oxygenated. The use of a fountain can help keep the top from becoming coated with algae while providing the visual appeal of a large fountain shooting water high into the air. If possible you might also want to consider adding LED lighting to the fountain to make it more visible at night. Fountains are available in many sizes and will help keep the water in your pond clear and moving. Larger ponds may require more than one fountain to help with your pond management but any additional costs of operating your Pond Fountains will be repaid by having pond with clean, clear water.


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