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FAQ for New Pond Owners – Part 1

FAQ for New Pond Owners – Part 1

  1. We are in the process of building our house and are starting to plan our landscaping for our backyard. We both are extremely interested in building a large pond with a waterfall or fountain, but we have no idea where to start or where to go for all of our equipment needs. Do you have any recommendations?
  • In deciding to build a pond there are also some other factors you need to keep in mind. If you are considering using your pond as a water garden, adding koi fish to your pond can limit the amount of plant life that can thrive. A koi pond is a nice option though considering you do want a large pond. A koi pond should be around 1000 gallons in volume or larger. If you are leaning more toward a water garden, you can go as big as you want as well. You can also add goldfish to a water garden without limiting the quantity of your plant life.
  • Selecting a location is the next step. You said your backyard, which is the most popular place to build a pond. You do need to determine sunlight factors as well. If you plan on growing water lilies, the pond needs to have four to six hours of direct sunlight per day. Also avoid shade and trees. The debris from trees will clutter your pond and the shade can affect certain types of plants.
  • Once you have determined these factors, you can roughly sketch your pond and waterfall or fountain and send it to Living Water Aeration. They can customize and design your pond specifically to your liking. This company is also ideal for pond design and construction, because they carry all products pond related, including waterfall and fountain supplies. In starting your new pond, they even have pond kits that contain all the elements your pond will need. For a large pond at 34’ by 34’, they have an EasyPro Large Pond Kit that includes a pond liner, underlayment, skimmer with filter brushes, large Aquafalls, a pump, check valve assembly, a pipe, pond bacteria, installation kit, underwater lights and a transformer. You can view this pond kit etc. here.
  1. I have a small pond with fish in it that I go out and feed everyday manually. It is a routine I enjoy and love doing, especially in the summer. I am going on a long vacation, however, and I was curious if there are any fish feeder devices out there that can take over while I’m gone for a month? I don’t trust just hiring someone to come feed my fish.
  • That is a nice part of someone’s day to go out and feed the fish. It allows you time to enjoy the peacefulness of your pond and also the beautiful fish in it. In regards to going on vacation and having a fish feeder take over while you are gone, there are absolutely devices out there. There are fish feeders that are on a 24 hour timer and can even be run on solar power so you do not have to worry about the motor dying while you are away.
  • There are also aspects of a feeder that prevent it from clogging and also distribute the food to your specifications. To view some great fish feeder products, visit the fish feeder section here. They have many options to fit your and your fish’s needs.
These were just 2 concerns most new pond owners have. For more questions and answers please view FAQ for New Pond Owners – Part 2 here.


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