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FAQ & Answers for Building a Koi Pond – Part 2

FAQ & Answers for Building a Koi Pond – Part 2

  1. I have tried numerous methods to keeping algae out of my pond, but I do not like all of the nasty chemicals. I know they are bad for the environment and hurting my plants. Is there anything safer I can use for both my plants and the environment to keep all this algae out?
  • Controlling algae is a problem for all pond owners. Your interest in keeping it as natural and efficient as possible is quite notable. Before discussing a natural algae deterrent, it is necessary to make sure you have other aspects of your pond under control. First, construction of you pond is crucial for algae elimination. A pond should have roughly 40% of the surface area as deep, which would be around two feet for a typical pond. A slight slope in the pond also allows for easier algae removal. If you already have a lot of fish in your pond, do not add more. Fish and their food add nutrients to a pond that produce algae. Movement in the water and filtration are also crucial in controlling algae.
  • The filter should be constantly running and the water in your pond should be moving about every hour. If all of these aspects Koi Pond Kits are in line and you still have a strong strain of algae in your pond, there are safe products to use. Living Water Aeration provides a product called GreenClean Algaecide. This product is organic, biodegradable, has no harmful effects on the environment or fish in your pond and kills algae within 24 to 48 hours. Keeping your mind on the safety of the environment and the health of your pond is important and this product is great to use if other aspects of your pond are also up to par.
  1. I’ve noticed that my pond water is really cloudy lately. I have tried using chemicals to kill algae, but the cloudiness is still present. Am I diagnosing the problem wrong? What could it be?
    • Your problem does not sound like that of an algae situation. In all likelihood your pond is lacking the proper and beneficial bacterial elements that are necessary for clear and healthy water. You do not want to go out and start buying products that are intended to upkeep beneficial bacteria, because many of these products are harmful for the environment and unsafe for certain plants and fish. Depending on the size of your pond as well, there are products that are organic and safe to use to maintain healthy pond bacteria.
      • For larger ponds, Living Water Aeration has a product called EasyPro Pond-Vive Pond Bacteria. This is an all natural way to get rid of the cloudiness you have questioned. This product can be found here. For smaller ponds, EasyPro All Season Liquid Pond Bacteria is more of an appropriate route to go to clean your pond that use Koi Pond Kit. This product is developed by the same company and can be found here. Keeping your pond clear, healthy and natural is of the utmost importance for aesthetic pleasure and wildlife sanctuary.


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