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Designing a Waterfall for Your Pond: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Designing a Waterfall for Your Pond: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

A waterfall can be a magnificent addition to your pond for viewing pleasure as well as numerous benefits to the health of the water. Adding this new dimension to your pond does not have to be a challenge. There are many options in the design of a waterfall, and you can also work with professionals on the perfect blueprint for your pond.
  • Benefits of Adding a Waterfall: Deciding to build a waterfall in your pond has more benefits than just viewing pleasure. Having a continuous flow and circulation from the waterfall allows proper aeration to occur. Also having continuous movement prevents harmful bacteria and algae to thrive. There is also the peaceful sound of trickling, flowing water that arises when a waterfall is built. This calming effect adds comfort when relaxing pond side.
  • Determine a Layout: Choosing where you want your waterfall located in your pond is also an important factor. If you want it to flow slowly or if you want more of a rushing, vertical waterfall can determine the effects it will cause. Having an approximation of where you want your waterfall is also important to keep water flow constant throughout your entire pond.
You do not want dead zones in your pond that allow for the accumulation of bacteria and weeds. A properly placed waterfall can deter dead zones and keep water moving. While most pond owners typically place a waterfall at the back of the pond, a side waterfall can be just as appealing. If you have a structure that sits by your pond, that can be a great entryway for a waterfall to be located. This can also look more natural depending on the setting.
  • Filter Location: The location of a filter in your waterfall is also important to determine the clarity of the water. Placing a pond filter at the top of the waterfall is better, because then the water flowing down is already clean. You do not want dirty, cloudy water flowing in your waterfall. This will take away from the purpose of the design.
  • Choosing a Pump: A pump is necessary to continue the flow of the waterfall. The pump is placed in the pond to flow the water up the waterfall. Determining what size of pump you need depends on the size of piping in the length of the waterfall.
  • Create an Ambiance: The most entertaining part of designing a waterfall is the ambiance you can create. Adding lighting in your waterfall can optimize its beauty as well as shine brilliant colors during a warm summer’s night. There are also other enchanting features you can add to your waterfall or near it such as a fire fountain.
Living Water Aeration can assist you in your waterfall designing process. They offer a variety of materials you will need for the construction of your waterfall as well as the option to have them design it for you. You can find some great products right here.


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