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Clean Your Pond Easily and Effectively with The Pond Monsta

Clean Your Pond Easily and Effectively with The Pond Monsta


Cleaning the debris from the bottom and the sides of your pond is important to ensure that your pond looks good and stays fresh. Algae, leaves, and other debris add toxins to your pond that can harm the fish. But cleaning a pond is not an easy job. There are professional pond cleaning services that use vacuum cleaners. But these services need to be used regularly, and since they are not always cheap, they tend to be avoided by many pond owners, who instead choose not to do any cleaning at all.


Introducing The Pond Monsta

Personal pond vacuum cleaners are an excellent alternative to professional cleaning services. A high-quality product like The Pond Monsta, is designed to be used underwater without disturbing the fish, and is silent too. Its convenience, durability, and low price make it a bestseller in its class. The Pond Monsta works just like a traditional vacuum cleaner for carpets, only that it is used on the surface of the pond. It sucks up leaves and other light debris from the surface of the pond and collects them, together with any sludge using the Eco Series Vortex Solids Filter. Some water will also be collected. What you do with it is entirely up to you: if it’s clean you can pour it back into the pond; if it’s not, you can use it to water the lawn. There are other pond vacuums out there, but most of them are not viable solutions for most buyers – they are expensive, require a lot of maintenance, and on top of that, they are not really that effective. The Pond Monsta is different. Although only recently introduced in the US, this tool has already sold 15,000 units throughout Europe. Notable features:
  • Powerful 350w motor that makes The Pond Monsta ideal for small and medium-sized ponds.
  • Silent – The Pond Monsta is quieter than other pond vacuums.
  • Long 40 feet power cord that facilitates cleaning.
  • Long 20 feet discharge hose.
  • Long 7 feet telescoping handle for underwater cleaning.
5 tips when using The Pond Monsta
  • Remove excess debris like small rocks, sticks, and the like from the surface of the pond with a pool skimmer before using The Pond Monsta, to prevent damage to it, and to make the cleaning faster and more effective.
  • Be careful not to hit with your vacuum any small fish swimming just under the surface of the water.
  • Change the attachment on the hose between wide nozzle, flat nozzle, and small nozzle, depending on the area of the pond you are cleaning. Consider purchasing additional nozzles if necessary.
  • Always empty the debris collected in the vacuum’s basket after you’re done using the device. During long cleaning sessions empty the basket several times.
  • Refill the pond with the water the vacuum collected, if that water is not sludgy.
Conclusion If you’re looking for a water vacuum that will help you clean your pond without disturbing the fish, The Pond Monsta is the right choice. It’s powerful, efficient, easy to use, and affordable.


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