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Basics of Building a Water Garden

Basics of Building a Water Garden

If you have a large landscape you are working with and love to garden, adding a water garden to your property would be an excellent fit. They offer a beautiful and peaceful getaway from the urban life and provide the setting with a natural and eco-friendly setting. Starting a water garden can be an easy process if you follow proper care and maintenance.

Building a Water Garden

Water gardens can be small in size or rather large; depending on the space you have available for your project you can go either way. Building a water garden can be quite artistic as well, because they can flourish plants that cannot typically survive in soil gardens. The water is your canvas in a sense and the size of the canvas can range from a small, tranquil garden pond to a vast koi fish pond. You can choose from a variety of plants including: the yellow flag iris, water lilies, tropical taro or chameleon plant. You can go as bright and colorful as you want when building a water garden.

Adding Fish

If you enjoy the rhythmic nature of watching fish, adding them to your water garden would be idealistic. The most common and brightly colored fish to add to your water garden is koi fish. They are graceful in nature and relaxing to watch. Koi fish do, however, require attention just as any other pet would. Their average lifespan can reach up to 25 to 35 years. The price of koi fish also vary, with butterfly koi being the most expensive. There other species of fish that would make a great addition to your pond. Mosquito fish are not as attractive as koi fish, but if you have numerous exotic plants you probably aren’t worried about the aesthetic value of fish. Mosquito fish are beneficial to pond owner that have mosquito problems during summer months. These fish feed on mosquito larvae minimizing or completely eliminating the pesky mosquito population.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Pond Fountains and waterfalls also add appealing aspects to your water garden. The soothing sound of a trickling waterfall or a splashing fountain is alluring to many. They also add maintenance solutions to your water garden. A fountain or waterfall can provide aeration to promote proper oxygen levels. Continuous flowing water from a waterfall also helps with aeration and the stimulation of the running water can prevent the thriving growth of algae. Your water garden should be constantly moving, because still water can create harmful bacteria and high levels of algae.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of building a water garden or you are trying to continue proper maintenance of it, a pond kit can assist you with your needs. Also other products such as beneficial bacteria and aeration devices can make your pond remain beautiful year round. Having the right products and devices can make this possible with ease and not as time consuming. Your water garden should be a place of beauty and peace. After all, It is your small getaway from the distractions of a city or urban area.


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