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  • Solar Pond Aerator 7 AerMaster Direct Drive Electric Combo

    Industries Only Solar/Electric Aerator Combo Package! 

    Aerates up to 1.5 acre ponds!

    If you want to take advantage of the sun and yet still aerate 24/7 cost effectively, then the Solar Pond Aerator 7 AerMaster Direct Drive Electric Combo is for you.  We start by putting a Direct Drive DC Solar Compressor into our exclusive powder coated aluminum cabinet.  Then, we add in our 1/4 hp 110v rocking piston Quantum™ compressor and combine it with our OWS system controller to manage the system continuously so you don't have to.  Everything is attractively mounted within one powder coated cabinet.  This system is loaded with features and is the only one on the market.

    When the sun is shining, the system operates off of the 2 solar panels.  When it's night time or raining, the system operates off of 110v AC electricity so you get the best of both worlds (continuous aeration 24/7 but using green solar energy whenever it's available)!​

    The Solar Pond Aerator 7 AerMaster Direct Drive Electric Combo  includes:

    • Direct Drive DC Solar Compressor rated at 2.8 CFM
    • 1/4 hp Rocking Piston 110v Quantum™ Compressor rated at 3.5 CFM
    • 1 OWS Aerator Control Box Mounted in the Cabinet
    • Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet
    • DC Cooling Fan with Guards
    • AC Cooling Fan with Guards
    • 2 Polycrystalline Solar Panels
    • OWS DD Solar Controller Module
    • Aluminum Mounting Frame with Adjustable Settings
    • Galvanized Mounting Pole
    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
    • 100' of High Quality 1/2" ID Weighted Airline
    • 1 Low PSI Optimal™ Air Double Disc Diffuser with Self Sinking Base
    NOTE:  This system can also be combined with a Windmill Aeration System so you get two forms of alternative energy with the 110v backup!

    Optional:  Medium Equipment pad to attach the cabinet to.
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