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Kasco Decorative Display & Aerating Pond Fountains

Kasco Marine has been a recognized leader in products that promote healthy water quality in ponds and lakes. Kasco manufactures a complete range of floating fountains, pond aerators, water circulators and de-icers for projects of all sizes.

An excellent choice for golf courses, apartment complexes, parks and recreational areas, private ponds or anywhere a high quality fountain is desired.

Kasco Decorative Display Fountains

Kasco decorative display fountains come in many sizes to fit everything from ponds to lakes. They add a touch of elegance to every water feature, with beautiful display patterns; each decorative fountain is self-contained and designed to float on your pond. They are created for medium to large size ponds and come with 5 to 7 interchangeable nozzles to give you lots of different fountain patterns in just one unit. You can adjust the patterns for your own needs and your tastes, and while it provides entertainment it also provides much needed aeration for the pond or lake to keep it clean and odor free.

Kasco Aerating Fountains

The Kasco aerating fountain is useful for smaller ponds. The fountain gives a wide aerating pattern with an elegant look, while helping to keep the water clean, odor free and oxygenated. If you want a combination of decoration and high oxygen aeration, to keep your pond at its best, then this is a good choice. The fountains can operate in only 15" of water, providing wide surface aeration. They are easy to install and energy efficient with a weatherproof timing panel included. The aerating fountain comes with a stand 100' power cord, although other lengths are available.  

Kasco Premium Fountains

Kasco Premium Fountains offer spectacular patterns with special premium nozzles. The premium fountains come with the premium nozzle and 5 interchangeable spray nozzles which are easy to change without any tools. The fountains are powered by an oil bath motor which has thermal overload protection to give you many years of reliable operation with little maintenance. The motor is protected against leaks and comes in  2 HP, 3 HP, and 5 HP, depending on your needs and a 100' power cord included in the price. All fountains come with a control panel which is also weatherproof and includes a timer.

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8 Questions & 8 Answers
Jill Housh
from Corydon, Iowa asked:
September 4, 2017
We are replacing a fountain with lights. Small pond, which do you recommend!
If you are looking for something decorative you could go with the Kasco JF Series they come with a choice of 5 different nozzles: http://www.livingwateraeration.com/jf4400.html This is the light kit that would be compatible with it: http://www.livingwateraeration.com/kasco-3-led-fountain-light-kit.html If you are more concerned about aeration than the decorative aspect I would recommend Kasco's "V" Pattern fountain and then you could use the same light kit I just referenced. This fountain is still decorative, it makes a pretty display but you do not have the option to interchange other spray patterns, but because it produces more GPM (gallons per minute) that means it has more aeration capabilities. http://www.livingwateraeration.com/vfx4400.html I quoted you on 1 HP units for both obviously depending on what spray height and width you want you can go bigger or smaller with the Horse Power. Also the rule of thumb to size a fountain is 1.5 HP per acre.
Customer Service
on September 6, 2017

from Faribault, Minnesota asked:
June 4, 2017
I have a 1 acre pond with maximum depth of 15 feet. We have problems with floating matts of filamentous algae and then in later summer pond weed will grow up to the surface from depths of 8 feet or so. Will an aerator or fountain help with this. Pond is stocked with sunfish and bass. We live in Southern Minnesota. We try to rake out the pond weed but it is hard to keep up. This weed growth makes it not much fun to fish,swim or float in the pond.
Yes any aeration at all will help with moving the stagnant water, adding oxygen and helping eliminate excess nutrients. However, for a pond like yours that is deeper than 6 feet deep I would recommend diffused aeration or bottom aeration over this style. Here is a link to all of our diffused aeration systems: http://www.livingwateraeration.com/pond-aerator.html
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

michael sovereign
from clarence, NY asked:
May 22, 2017
how do I determine the size of my pond and the minimum size motor needed? My pond is 468 ft in circumference and is 8 feet deep.
If your pond is a circle simply multiply 468 x 468 and you will get 219,024 square feet. Divide that number by 1 acre which is 43,560 square feet. When I do this math it would appear that you have 5.02 acres pond size. For a fountain aerator their is a rule of thumb to size for aeration and that is 1.5 HP per acre. So to properly aerate your pond you would need 7.5 HP. You could do that with one large fountain or 2 units. For example you can get a 5 HP and a 2 HP or you can get (2) 5 HP fountains. I hope that makes things clearer for you. With 8 foot of depth you can consider a hybrid diffused (or bottom) aeration system with a fountain. Give us a call if you would like a custom quote on something like this 1-888-775-2402.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017

Breck Whitworth
from Gulfport Ms asked:
May 7, 2017
I have a 1/2 acre pond kept well manicured, my wife and I want a decorative fountain display that also aerates with a led light set. 115 volt is all I can run down to the pond. I plan on running and burying a outdoor wire up to the edge of the pond. There I will hook up a receptacle to plug in fountain. What would you recommend?
For proper aeration with decorative, aerating fountains the rule of thumb for sizing is 1.5 HP per acre. So for a 1/2 Acre pond you would want a minimum of a 3/4 HP fountain. If you want a taller and wider spray pattern you may get a larger size but 3/4 HP would be the minimum recommendation. I would recommend this VFX series. It is the "V" pattern spray which is decorative but also gives you the highest GPH which means you get more aeration then you would with other spray patterns. Here is what I recommend for you: 3/4 HP Fountain - http://www.livingwateraeration.com/vfx3400.html 3 LED Light Kit - http://www.livingwateraeration.com/kasco-3-led-fountain-light-kit.html If you want a larger spray pattern, you could go with the 1 HP 1 HP fountain - http://www.livingwateraeration.com/vfx4400.html
Customer Service
on May 7, 2017

from new york asked:
May 2, 2017
Should we run the 4400vfx fountain 24/7 or shut it off from midnight to 7:00 a.m. Does this create uneccessary wear and tear on the motor and parts?
You can run it 24/7 but I think a lot of customers utilize the timer inside the panel to only run them about 12 hours or so per day. That would likely give you a little more longevity for the unit. In the hot summer months when aeration is needed most you could run them 24/7 and then cut that back during the other seasons.
Customer Service
on August 8, 2017

Hazel Epperson
from Brookneal, VA. 24528 asked:
April 21, 2017
We have a 1/2 acre round-ish pond. Deepest point is 6 Feet - most common is 4 feet. Need aeration for pond muck. Pond was neglected for 10 years before we bought it. We are in the process of running electricity to pond and need to know what service we will need. Recommendations please.
Since your pond has a max depth of 6 feet I would recommend a surface aerator or fountain. A surface aerator is going to give you more volume but is not decorative. An aerating fountain has less volume but also has the added benefit of improving aesthetics for your pond. If you go with a surface aerator the rule of thumb for sizing is 1 HP per acre so in your half acre pond we would recommend a 1/2 HP surface aerator: http://www.livingwateraeration.com/af2400.html If you want the aerating fountain the rule of thumb for sizing is 1.5 HP per acre so for your half acre you would want a minimum of 3/4 HP. If you want a taller and wider spray pattern you can get a larger HP fountain. Here is the link to a 3/4 HP: http://www.livingwateraeration.com/vfx3400.html
Customer Service
on April 21, 2017

from East Java, Indonesia asked:
April 18, 2017
Do you ship to or have contact in Indonesia ?
Unfortunately, we currently do not ship overseas.
Customer Service
on April 24, 2017

from Rassia asked:
January 13, 2017
Hello, you looked at the site for the pond aerators. Do you ship to Russia?
I am sorry but we do not ship to Russia.
Customer Service
on January 17, 2017


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