Dyno-Aire Windmill Aerators

Dyno-Aire windmill aerators are the green solution to aeration needs for any aquaculture application. The air produces a boil on the water while breaking up bottom matter. Surface action breaks up clumps of algae and plant matter. During winter, the Dyno-Aire system will keep a portion of you pond ice-free, letting in precious light, while keeping your pond full of oxygen. Your fish will love you!!

Aire-Dynamics aeration systems are quick and easy to install.  Installation of windmill aerators from the competitors are usually a major project that can take more than one weekend.  These aerators are simple to assemble and even more simple to install.  The optional powder coated tilt tower base securely holds the two inch pole and acts as a lever if the Dyno-Aire Aerator needs to be lowered to the ground.  We have assembled our aerator sytems for customers and had them securely fixed to the ground in less than two hours.  Imagine - in less than two hours, you are delivering oxygen to your pond in a GREEN manner that won't ever show up on your utility bill!!

These windmill aerators are 100% green and safe for the environment. They only depend on wind for power. Electric compressors require close proximity to power and cost money every time they're running. Dyno-Aire windmill aerators are suitable for any remote location. The state-of-the-art design is maintenance-free and will provide years of service.

  • Oil-less, single piston or diaphragm design
  • Intake filter
  • Membrane diffuser with built-in check valve
  • Eighty feet of sinking hose
  • Laser machined, high speed, six-blade prop
  • Super strong, engineered cast aluminum hub. Won't deform in high winds.
  • Stainless steel base plate
  • Sealed bearings
  • 360 degree high performance base plate bearing
  • Quick disconnect valve
  • 18 month warranty
  • Barbed brass fittings

Components assemble in less than 30 minutes and can be mounted on a threaded two-inch, schedule 40 pipe.  A ground mounting bracket (tilt tower anchor) can be purchased separately from the Aire-Dynamics accessory store.  Pole must also be purchased separately as they are two long to ship.  Two inch galvanized poles can be purchased at any home supply store.

These windmill aerators have been used in various pond aeration applications ranging from backyard ponds to commercial fish farm applications.


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